2019. február 21.

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No, I don't play.

Can you play basketball?

Yes. When I was yang I knew it. I played a lot. I loved it. Know I am not yang, my knees have pain. I can't play now.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I can. When I was student I played basketball a lot.


I have played basket-ball.

daily question

I like this game, but I have never played it yet. My best friend played basketball when we were teenager, therefore I visited a lot such events.


I can't ,but my grandson playing basketball.

Yes, I can. I like playing

Yes, I can. I like playing basketball very much. As I'm tall, it is easier to play it. When I was in high school I was a member of the school basketball team. Today, I often play basketball with my children. There is an outdoor basketball court near my hosue where we often go. Besides, my husband installed an outdoor basketball hoop in our yard.

My favourite country is

My favourite country is Hungary, of course. But I like Greece, too. This country is rich in history, culture and famous for its amazing beaches. I love the islands the best. My favourite island is Corfu. It is the second largest of the Ionian islands and it is a very popular tourist destination. I also like Greek food very much.

No, I can't because I'm too

No, I can't because I'm too small. I played handball for a long time.

Napi kérdés

My favourite countries are Hungary,Austria, and Italy. They are very nice countries.
2.I can't play basketball.

Napi kérdés

No, I can't play basketball, but I can play volleyball. When I was a young girl, I played volleyball in a team, and we competed with other teams. But I like basketball, too.

napi kérdés

My favorite country is Greece.

favourite country

My favourite country is Hungary, but I like Greece too.

What's your favorite country ?

My favorite country is Hungary. Besides I like Spain , Italy and Greece.

Is the fashion important for you ?

Yes, the fashion very important for me. I like wearing nice clothes .


My favourit contry is of course Hungary. My other favourit country is Germany. I speak german and i speak gladly with german people.

Napi kérdés

My favuorit cantry is Canada.It's very nice .There are waterfall, high mountins, lakes and big glacier. The Canadien people
are friendly.

napi kérdés

Of course my favorite country is Hungary. This is the place where I was born. I love it. In Hungary there are famos Cities, for example Budapest , here is the parlament, many beautiful old houses, parks, swimming pools. museums. There is the Gellert hegy, the Castle , the Matyas temple, ect. There is Visegrad castle, Dunakanyar, Esztergom, Eger, ect. Many ,many very wonderful historical place. You can eat here, you can to rest, to hike. The people are friendly, kind, helpful.Yust the politics is terrible.

Favorite country

My favorite country is Italy, because the Italians are cheerful, and the country is varied and very beautiful


My favorite country is Greece,but I really like Italy and Morocco.

Napi kérdés

Naturally, my favourite country is Hungary, but I like also Italy.

napi kérdés

My favourite country is Italy.

Yesterday answer: No, It is

Yesterday answer: No, It is not. I often wear sports clothes and comfortable jeans, trousers. I really seldom wear fashion dresses.
Today: I haven't got favorite country because there are a lots of country and I haven't seen that all yet. I like The United Kingdom because the people are very friendly and the country is very very beutiful. I had just one problem. The big spiders

I think it’s important to be

I think it’s important to be careful of our appearance because many people are inclined to judge other people by their appearance. I like comfortable and fashionable clothes. I like wearing make-up and some accessories. But I don’t follow the latest trend. I prefer choosing clothes that suit my personality and build.

Napi kérdés

Not really, because I just wear that clothes what suits me. I like casual clothes.

napi kérdés

The fashion isn't important for me. I like to live in USA, because nobady cares what do you wear. Of course is here fashion, but I think it's use yang people and the rich people, I like wear comfortable cloches.

napi kerdes

I prefer dogs anyway.Because those are faithful, showed their pleasure, wait the little child front of school , some of them.
Of course they have diverse capables when you are training
with him.

napi kerdes

I'm not interested in the latest fashion. I wear comfortable clothes sometimes sporty.


Yes, important. But I don't follow everything, only what is good for me.

Napi kérdés

No, fashion is not important for me. I rather prefer comfortable dresses, like fashionable.

I prefer dogs. My parents

I prefer dogs. My parents have two dogs. One of them is very old, 16 years old. The other is "young" 5 years old. I love them very much. When I was child we have always two dogs.
I like cats too but I think they are very strange animals.

Fashion isn't important for me.

Napi angol kérdés

I like dogs. My dog's name is Greti. Greti is five years old. I don't like cats. My dog is very frendly.

Basically I prefer better the

Basically I prefer better the dog but I love all animals. The animal rescue is very important my life. I every month send money or blanket and food for the animal shelter.

napi kérdés

I like dogs and cats too. The dogs are kind and friendly, and the cats are mistery.


I prefer cats, because I have one cat. His name is Pepe, unfortunately he has just one eye.


I prefer dog, and my wife prefer cat.

I prefer dogs, because my son

I prefer dogs, because my son has got two dogs.

napi kérdés

I prefer dogs.


I prefer cats.I have no,but my son has a cat.

2 napi kérdés

Formerly, when I was younger, I spent more money, but nowadays I don't spend much money on my clothes.

I like cats, and dogs, too, but I prefer cats. I have two cats, one black, and one grey tabby cat. They are already old, They are fourteen years old. They are already members of our family. We like them a lot.

In my childhood I had a dog.

In my childhood I had a dog. I got her from my parents when I was 10 years old. Her name was Tappancs. She was very cute. I always got a lovely welcome home from her. So I prefer dogs over cats. The main reason I prefer dogs is that dogs are very loyal pets and will stay by their owners side through thick and thin.

Wich do you prefer cats or dogs

I prefer dogs better then cats. I love them. The dog is frendly, kind, and it's like you honesly. The dog doesn't care you are nice or ugly. It just likes you, and that's all.
With the dog you can play, walk, take care of your child .so you can do a lot of things with it. It's your the best friend. It is waiting for you, and very happy if you are arrive home. It's barking if came somebody. It's going to save your life.

Napi kérdés

I like dogs and cats, too. I prefer cats, because I have a lovely cat. Her name is Micó. She is 15 years old, but she likes to play and she is very nice.

Napi kérdés

I pefer both.I had a dog but it's dead. My grandson afraid of dogs therefore we have cats. My grandchildren like them.They play with cats a lot in the garden.

I love dogs,we have a big

I love dogs,we have a big dog.

I don't spend too much money

I don't spend too much money for the clothes, because I have everyhing. I bought something if nessesery.

I like shopping, so I buy a

I like shopping, so I buy a lot of clothes, mostly coats and jackets. They are my favorite clothes, but I usually buy them in second hand shops, so I don't spend a lot of money, because the prices are reasonable.


I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, because I'm pensioner.

The last three months I

The last three months I didn't buy cloethes.


I rarely buy clothes. I have comfortable clothes, but I buy new ones from time to time.