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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


I am wearing jeans and white

I am wearing jeans and white T-shirts.

napi kérdés

My favourite color is orange.

napi kérdés

I haven't got favoruite color. I like the colors.

Napi kérdés

At present I have a restful way of life, still I have a few worries.Part of them are connected with the future of my grandchildren, another worry concerns to my health. I have some diseases so I keep my doctor's advices.

Napi kérdés

Now I don't already dream. When I started my life, my biggest dream was, that I will be an interpreter and a translator. But the conditions have evolved, so I couldn't realize it.

My biggest dream is to be

My biggest dream is to be able to take care of my kids physically and financially. I want my kids to be responsible, open minded, friendly and honest people when they grow up. My main wish is that my children and my husband always know how much I love them. I want to spend with my family as much time as possible.


During my life from youth to old age I had a lot of dreams. Part of them realized, part of them not.
I wished a beautiful profession for me,a lovely family, healthy children.These became real, and I'm gratiful for them.
Later my husband died and I got ill.
My son and my daughter have own beautiful families, both have 2 children.
Now I wish for me some health and general well being.

I try to eat every day some

I try to eat every day some fruit. Twice a day I drink Béres Csepp with Vitamin C. I walk every day 25 or 50 minutes and go to the health club twice a week.

My friends and my family say

My friends and my family say about me, I have a nice disposition:I'm amicable, I make friends easily, I'm tolerant and if I have possibility I help by act or by advances someone needs it. But I have some bad habits: generally I am calm, but I'm self-willed and sometimes I become irritated into debates and I speak loudly.
Rarely i'm greedy when I have delcious food because of this I feel myself bad.
Similar to a few school-fellows, I like dark chocolate. It's healthy, so after every lunch I eat 3 cubes of this sweet meat,but I don't consider this a habit.


I want to keep my health. I eat a lot of healthy fresh food, a lot of
fresh vegetables ,fruits,and a litle meat. I'm running a lots outdoors.


My bad habit is that I often drink coffee daily. Coffee is not good for me because I will be nervous after drinking coffee.

Napi angol.

I don't have bad habit, but I'm rather unlucky. My legs into pieces broken.
I'm sitting if they help. My good leg was also hurt.

Piease, send material to email.

Napi kérdés

I have some bad habits.Sometimes I'm impatient, at this time I raise my voice and I'm angry.I go to bed later so I 'm tired the next day.I eat dark chocolate every after lunch.

Napi kérdés

My worst habit is I am often worried. I know, that it is not needed, but yet. Now, as I get older, it occurs less often, but I am still a worried woman.

napi kérdés

Sometimes I help to somebody who doesn't need it.

I have got several bad

I have got several bad habits. I think it’s very important to develop healthy eating habits because they can prevent several diseases. Unfortunately I don’t pay enough attention to my eating habits. I eat too quickly and I don’t chew my food. I eat only two or three times a day instead of five times. It is suggested that we eat five times a day. I eat chocolate every day. :-(
In the summer I don’t protect myself enough from the sun. I always forget to buy suncream at the beginning of summer.
Besides, I tend to be late for my appointments.

Napi kérdés

I eat a lot of healthy food:vegetables, fruits and fishes.I rarely drink alcohol.I go for a walk every day.My distance is five or six kilometres .I tray to laugh a lot.I'm not fat.

Napi kérdés

I eat a lot of healthy food:vegetables, fruits and fishes.I rarely drink alcohol.I go for a walk every day.My distance is five or six kilometres .I tray to laugh a lot.I'm not fat.


I try to eat healthy.I eat chicken,turkey,vegetables and fruit..In my free time I go yoga , pilates and walk.

Napi kérdés

In my childhood I had often a sore throat and because of these my heart felt ill.When I was 50 years old, it was operated, since I feel better myself. Now I try to adopt a healthy lifestyle :I have often few meals including some meat and many vegetables. Daíly I go to walk, but I take care to rest enough.

Napi kérdés

First, I try also to eat healthily, I usually eat chicken and fish, vegetables, and fruit. Secondly, I regularly do exercises, do yoga and I take a walk every day. What I can do, which depends on me, I do it.

I try to live in the

I try to live in the healthiest way possible. I eat healthy food, that is little fat and sugar and a lot of vegetables and fruit. I try to teach my children healthy eating habits. I do sports regularly. I go running twice a week. I swim with my children. I do gymnastic exercises every morning. At the weekends I go hiking or cycling with my family.

napi kérdés

I have two children, a girl and a boy. The girl is 19, and the boy is 13 years old.

How many kids do you have

I have 3 children. Two of them are girls and one of them is a boy. They all are adults now.

My elder daughter is a medical doctor. She has already a little daughter too. They live in London.

My son will be graduated this year ás an electrical ingeneer in Technical University of Budapest. He is planning to move and work abroad like his sister. But he wants to live maybe in Germany or Belgium.

My younger daughter is a student. She studies environmental sciencie in Technical University of Budapest. Next month she will leave our House, and move together with her boyfriend.

All of my children can speak English very well. I envy of them and try to do my best regarding my development in English.

I have got five children,

I have got five children, three girls and two boys. My daughters are 4, 6, 7 years old. My sons are 3 and 12 years old.

I have two kids they don'

I have two kids they don't live with us. My doughter lives in Canada, she has a son.We can meet rarely. My son lives in London, he hasn't kids.


I have two children one daughter and one son.

Napi kérdés

I have two kids, a boy, and a girl. They are already adult people, they have families, so I have already grandchildren moreover great-grandchildren, too.

I have two children : a boy

I have two children : a boy and a girl. My son's name is Peter, he is 50 years old and he has got two children, a girl (my oldest granddaughter, Carla ), and a boy (my youngest grandchild, David.) They live together in Transylvania.
My daughter's name is Edit. She is 48 years old.She's got two daughters (Bogi and Boróka ). Since my husband died,I live in Budapest with my daughter and her family.

I live in Ajka. This town is

I live in Ajka. This town is near the Bakony. Ajka is industrial city but there are lot of wonderful park. In this city live 30000 people. Here: lived famous writers: Fekete István, Molnár Gábor. These famouse writwers have a statue in the city.

Napi kérdés

I have two daughters. They don't live with us.The older daughter lives in Budapest.She has two children.The other daughter lives in West Coast in Canada.She has three children. Unfortunately we rarely meet with each other.I miss them!!


I live in Budapest. Budapest is a beautiful town. There are a lot of wonderful sights. Budapest is the capital of Hungary.


I don't drink coffee for twoo months. If I drink coffee I get nervous.

Napi kérdés

I live in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, since 15 years.I like very much this wonderful town.I accustomed shortly enough.I never saw more beautiful town in my life.
Before I lived in Kolozsvar ,a beautiful town in the middle of Transylvania. There are many historical buildings, as the native house and the rider statue of King Mathias of Hungary, the Saint Michael church and other several churches, palaces .There is a beutiful botanical garden and are some universities too.


I live in Tatabánya but I'm work on Tata.

napi kérdés

I live in Budapest, Hungary.

Napi kérdés

I live in Miskolc. This is a very nice city, which is in the valley of the Bükk Mountains. Miskolc is a county seat, it is the seat of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplén County. There is Lillafüred here, where we can find is the Palace hotel, the Hámori lake, and there is a beautiful waterfall, too. There is in Tapolca the Cave bath, it is a tourist attraction, which is unique in Europe, as well as, the Castle of Diósgyőr is also located in Miskolc.

Kérdés: Te hol élsz?

My name is Valéria.I live in Tata. This is a beautyful town, in front of Budapest. I'm not work, I'm a retired teacher.I like gardening and bicykle.I'm very like my town.

napi kérdés

I live in Budapest.

Napi kérdés

I live in a small town next to the Danube.Its name is Dunavecse.There live about 4000 people in Dunavecse.It's famous for the Reformed Church, Vikár Béla and Petőfi Sándor.He wrote 30 poems here.Here is Petőfi muzeum too.
The bank of Danub nice, unfortunately we can' t swim in the Danub because it's very dirty.

I live in Budapest. Budapest

I live in Budapest. Budapest is the capital of Hungary. I like it very much, because it's beautiful. It's situated on both banks of the Danube River. The present city was formed in 1873 by uniting Buda and Óbuda on the right bank with Pest on the left bank of the river. I live in the outskirts of the city, in the 4th district, but it takes me only half an hour to get to the city centre. Budapest has an efficient network of public transport, including bus, trolley bus, tram and metro services. There is a bus stop in front of our house. I go to work by bus and metro. I sometimes use my car especially when I take my children to school.

Napi angol kérdés

I like coffe very much,but since my heart became sick it's forbidden for me. Before I drank two or three times,but now I have coffee once a day.

I at all don't drink coffee.

I at all don't drink coffee. I rather drink lemon grass tea every day.


I drink two coffee every day,one in the morning and one at noon.

Napi kérdés

I like coffee ,but I never drink one because it isn't good for me.When I was young I drank coffee every day.


I drink two or three cups of coffee per day.

napi kérdés

I drink a capuccino at the morning and sometimes one more at the afternoon. I like it very much!

I drink a cup of coffee every

I drink a cup of coffee every morning. I never drink black coffee. I like white coffee without sugar. If I don't have enough time to drink my coffee in the morning I usually have a headache in the afternoon.

I drink coffee twice per day.

I drink coffee twice per day.

Napi kérdésre válasz

I drink two cups of coffee every day.