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Napi kérdés okt.17.

Yes, I use the internet every day, moreover I can't imagine my daily routine without it.
When I'm at home I use my computer beginning in the morning : I check my e-mails and answer them, read the news, I look at the Daily English question,check the Facebook. Sometimes I also look for cooking recipes.
In the afternoons I learn English about a hour, I talk with my son and his family on Skype or on Messenger and talk also with my friends who live away.
Last year I even watched movies on my computer, but at last Christmas I got a smart TV as a present and ever since I can watch films on Youtube at the TV, what's more confortable.
All these I can do on my smart phone, so when I visit my son in Transylvania, I can use the internet as well.

Yes, I use the Internet every

Yes, I use the Internet every day. I learn English, I read the newspappers, I read defferett blogs and I listening to the radio and I'm looking for the interesting things. I 'm talking to my children at a messenger.

Are you fit?

I'm actually fit, though I don't feel right now. Sunday I was a sports day and I was training for two hours on Monday, and now I have muscle fever. Next time I am going to work out on Friday, I hope then I will feel fine myself.


Yes, I use the Internet everyday. I learn English and talk to my friends on Internet. I search the informations what I need and I read some blogs and other webpages. I go to night school where I learn software developing and I find a lot of information to learning on the internet and some useful and necessary softwares to download. Usually I buy books or clothes and other things in webshops, because I don't like shopping in real shops.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I do. I study English here, and I have children and friends, too, and I speak with them on Messenger. Then I like to watch videos and to listen to stories, as well as to read books. So I use the Internet every day. I guess I can use it on useful things.

Napi kérdés okt. 14.

I really want to be fit but unfortunately I'm not.I'm old and I have many illnesses.Because of my spine- and leg pain I do gymnastics daily.

Yes, I am fit I think. Every

Yes, I am fit I think. Every day I walk one hour and I do the yoga. I often go hiking and gardening a lot.

Napi angol

I'm 69 years old. So am I fit? I'm happy if I don't have pain somewere in my body. Sometimes I can't walk up the stairs. So I'm not fit.

No,I'm healthy. I eat healthy

No,I'm healthy. I eat healthy food;fruits, vegetables,fish and different seeds. I take a walk every day, my distance is 5-8 kilometres. I maintain my brain; I solve many puzzles.

Napi kérdés

I guess I'm a fit woman. I do yoga exercises every morning. I take a walk every afternoon. I often go swimming. And not least, I regularly look after my grandchildren, so they help me stay fit.

When do you watch TV?

I usually watch TV at late night a day

When do you watch Tv?

Well, I don't have Tv. I use my computer. I found everything there, news, interesting things, film. And I can stady here. On Tv if you want to watch a film, you watch 3 hours, because there are a lot of ad. In this time I watch 2 film in my computer.The news always negative, I don't like politics. I hate it. So why I need Tv?

Do you eat sugar?

Yes, I eat sugar, because every food contain sugar. I want or don't want ,it has in side.
I don't like sugar. If the recipe write 10 dkg, I use 5. But I like the chocolate,dark chocolate. When I make food, I don't use sugar, or less.

I watch TV sometimes. I like

I watch TV sometimes. I like the nature mouvis. I often watch Spectrum, Nat Geo, National Geografic. Sometimes I watch FilmBox when I found good and interesting mouve.

I watch TV very rarely. I

I watch TV very rarely. I prefer watching movies or series on my laptop. When I watch this films on TV, I put my pendrive into the television set and I watch more episodes. I don't like TV very much, because there is a lot of advertisement.


Yes, sometimes I eat sugar. I don't like the desserts which are too sweets but I like the black, bitter chocolate or crepes with marmalade or with cocoa. I like waffels too. I eat some sweetness once or twice a week. When I drink coffee, I put some sweetener into it. I eat the tomato soup with salt and pepper and the cottage cheese dumplings without sugar but with salted sour cream

Yes. I do, but I prefer the

Yes. I do, but I prefer the honey.

Napi kérdés okt.11.

Watching tv is one of my main occupations. I watch tv daily : in the afternoons I watch a serial-film (cliffhanger a szótár szerint), in the evenings usually I watch a complete film. I spend about 3-4 hours a day watching tv.

I watch TV every week. My

I watch TV every week. My best channel is HBO GO. It is very good. I think, that in this channel are the best series.

Napi kérdés

I never watch TV. I don't like to watch TV. Possibly I rarely watch the sport shows, basketball- or handball matches. But I read a good book rather, I do a crossword puzzle, I surf on the internet, or I study languages.

Do you eat sugar?

We eat sugar but not too much. Recently I prefer honey, to substitute sugar in our food if it' s possible.

Napi kérdés okt.9.

Sweet tastes are very liked by majority of people, especially by the children.
But some decades ago, researcers discovered sugar has bad effect for consumers : it can contribute to deterioration of teeth, it can cause oberweight and at last diabetes. So, if someone wants to have healthy family ,avoids excessive consumption of sugar.
In our family isn't used the beetsugar, we use cane sugar (presumably healthier as the preceding ), and mainly sweetaner products, as stevia-extract.
We consume cakes rarely, especially when we are celebrating aniversaries.
It's known,the dark chocolate is healthy in moderate quantities, so I use it sometimes for cheer up myself.

Do you eat sugar?

No, I don't like sugar.

Yes, I do. I like the sweet

Yes, I do. I like the sweet meals.

Napi kérdés

I rarely eat sugar, and very little, I usually use honey, instead of sugar. I know it is unhealthy a lot. And my husband is moreover a diabetic, so he can't eat sugar and I'm in solidarity with him.

Napi kérdés okt.6.

A few years ago I and my daughter's family went abroad for vacation every year .
In recent years when they go for their vacation in direction of West , at the same time I go in East direction, in Roumania. My son lives in Transylvania, near Kolozsvár with his family .I travel here with a little bus, which takes me near my son's adress. The travelling time is long (there are almost 450 km between Budapest and Torda) and it's tiring a little for me, but I'm happy to spend 1-2 weeks with them . I take this route 2-3 times a year.

Once or twice a year a travel

Once or twice a year a travel abroad.

No, I can't play basketball.

napi angol

I'm sorry, but I'm not traveling abroad. I like but I can't.

Every year I travel abraod.I

Every year I travel abraod.I like to travel.

Napi kérdés

Nowadays I very rarely travel abroad. In my youth, I traveled often enough. But the time goes on, and I am getting and getting older, and more and more I rarely go.

Yes, I can. When we were yang

Yes, I can. When we were yang we played it a lot. We played wolleyball or basketball in the evenings . Now I walk and do the yoga but my husband can't play sport.

Napi kérdés okt.4.

I played basketball in my young years, when I was at high school.After I went to university, I finished every sport-activity.Later I regretted doing this, because sport is very healthy.
In any case, my program was rich in activities in that period: work, family, housekeeping.

Can you play basketball?

Well.when I was yang, I loved play basketball in the school. Now I can but I'm not to fast.

what's your favourite country?

My favoruite country of course Hungary. I was born here I lived here 50 years. I love Hungary. In Hungary there are very beautiful places. We have history. We have wonderful castles, buildings, parks. The people are friendly, just the politic is bad.
There is the Balaton, it's small but this is our see. And the food is delicious. And here is Budapest the capital city. It's very beautiful and the Danubian our favorite river. Here is the parliament, the Matyas churse ,Danube bend. We have a lot sights in my country.
We have a lot famous poetic ,writer.

Napi kérdés okt.3.

Among the places I have visited during my life I can say, I liked the most the highlands, the high mountains.
In my youth I hiked a lot in Carpatian mountains with my fellows. I was fascinated by the beauty of the peaks.
Still remember those good times with nostalgia.

Napi kérdés

No, I can't. I have never played basketball because I am low, and the members of the basketball team are very tall. But I like to watch it a lot on the TV. However, I played volleyball when I was young. Nowadays I just watch these games, but I really enjoy them.


I can't play basketball. I am tall, so people often told me to playing basketball but I'm not good at team games. I like to run or bike, and a few years ago, I went to an aerobic course which I liked very much. In TV, I especially watch football matches.

favourite country

My favourite country is Croatia. I went on holiday to this country four times. I love the sea and the rocky beaches very much. The sea in Croatia is unbelievably blue and there are mountains everywhere. I like to swim in the water near the beach, because I'm not very good at swimming. Along the coast, there are a lot of restaurants where we can eat fish and seafood, and a lot of local specialities. I would like a summer house in Croatia.

Napi kérdés

My favorite country is Hungary. This is my native land, I live since my birth here. It is the most beautiful country to me. There are beautiful cities, famous rivers, nice mountains, like the Bükk mountain. This mountain is next to my hometown, Miskolc. I like it especially. There is yet the lake Balaton. It is the biggest lake in Hungary. Each summer, many thousand people spend their holidays here. For us Hungarians, this is the Hungarian sea. And there is yet one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Budapest, what is our country's capital. So my favorite country is my country, Hungary.

My favourite country is

My favourite country is Italy. I like the music, arhitecture and literature of this country. I first traveled to Italy when I was young. This country is the most beautiful for me.

Fashion is no important to

Fashion is no important to me. I like comfortable and sporty clothes. I have always liked elegant clothes but I didn't follow the current fashion.

It is not already important

It is not already important to me. Nowadays is the most important for me the comfort, sporty and elegance. I'm wearing nice dresses, but these should be comfortable, and elegant. I am not wearing dresses, which are fashionable but uncomfortable, so fashion is not important to me.

Napi kérdés okt.2.

Fashion is not too important for me.At all times I liked to be well dressed.In my opinion is better to have less but good quality clothes, which are advantageous for my body.I never wanted to wear clothes according to the lastest fashion, I liked the classic line, so my clothes could be worn for a long time.
As the man get older,he walks less and less and needs less clothes.
I'm lucky because my body hasn't changed much over the years, so I can wear my old but yet good clothes.

Which do you prefer cats or dogs?

I prefer dogs. But... I have a bunny. It's a girl. Her name is Kókusz, who five month old. And very hysterical. If do not get the nasal, he fluttered his legs.

Daily question

I prefer dogs. I like animals so much, but I haven't got anything now. I'd like to get soon a lovely puppy. We are living in a family house, so I think so it would be a good place for it.

napi kérdés

I prefere cats. I love the animals very much, the dogs, the cats and every animal. I have three cats and a turtle. The cats sleep in the living room at night, but in the daytime they play in the garden. Two of my cats are black and the third is grey-white. Their names are Luca, Sátánka and Cecília. My turtle lives in a big aquarium and swims all the day. His name is Picúr Hancúr. All of my animals are very cute. Unfortunately, I've never had a dog.

Napi kérdés szept. 30.

I prefere the dogs.
In my life I had two dogs :the first I had in my childhood, the second after I married. Both of them were black with culy fur. The first -his name was Topi- was killed and eaten by a wolf in a winter's day (in that time I lived in a village,where were very hard winters and very much snow and the wolfs went near the men's gardens ).I cried a lot because of him.
My second dog I was grown up from little ,for since 15 years.His name was Flea, because he was little, black and jumped a lot. When I moved to my daughter, I left Bolha at my son.

Napi kérdésekre válasz

I don't spend too much money on clothes..
I have a lot of clotes so I sometimes buy new clothes.
I don't prefer trendy clotes I like comfortable clotes.

I prefer dogs becouse I'm allergic to cats.
I have a dog, who is clever and playful.I like my dog.
My dog's name is Bundi.

I like the animals. When I

I like the animals. When I was a child we had got a lot of animals, dog, cat, cow, goat, chiken duk, turkey, pig, geese. We mouved in the city where we couldn't live with animals. We had got fishes only. Then we moved in a garden house, where we could live with dogs, rabbits, hamsters and parrots. Our children liked very much the animals. Every year they had got bunni, it we took to their cousin because there where rabbits. We had a Puli dog It lived with us for fifteen years. Then we had got two golden retriver, Steve and Szellő. There is only one dog living whit us, Steve. It is an very old dog, it's sixteen and a half years old.

When we were working we spent

When we were working we spent more on clothes. My husband vent to work in a suit. I also liked the costume but now I wear jeans with a blouse or aT-shirt. I wear training clothes every morning because I walk an hour.