LEGÚJABB KÉRDÉS (2021. március 1.): 


What's the best way for toutists to get around in Hungary? 

Válaszolj a hozzászólásba, amilyen bőven csak tudsz. Az sem baj, ha egy két szavas, mert ahogy haladsz előre, egyre több mindent fogsz tudni válaszolni!

Írd be a hozzászólást, majd kattints az ELŐNÉZET gombra, és ha elégedett vagy, akkor MENTÉS.

Napi kérdés fogalmazásaid elolvasom, de nem javítom, ha valamit nem értek, szólok. Viszont ha a szóhasználatod pontosításra szorul, azt feltétlen jelzem! Ha tanulod a nyelvet, ki fognak kopni a hibák:)

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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


My father was a furniture

My father was a furniture carpenter. He died at age of seventy-five.

My father was a driver, but

My father was a driver, but he's pensioner now.

My father was a Calvinist

My father was a Calvinist priest.Unfortunately he no longer lives.

napi kérdés

My father was teacher. He is pensioner now.

Napi kérdés

My father worked as a clerk in a small village.. His salary was fairly little but he liked his job. Unfortunately he died when he was 54 years old.


I'm old and my father no longer lives.

Does your family live in a house or an apartment?

We live a block of flat.

I live in a big family house

I live in a big family house with my family. My husband built a second floor after we had moved into the house. I like living there, because it's near the bus stop, so it takes me half an hour to get to the city centre. The traffic is very good around here. Buses come every five minutes. I can reach the closest metro station within 10 minutes by bus, so I can get to anywhere in the city easily.
The other reason why I like living in my house is because the house has a big backyard. The backyard has a swimming pool. I enjoy swimming on hot summer days with my children. The backyard has a big walnut tree and a vegetable garden. I like working in the garden especially in spring when I always plant tomatoes seedlings, spring onion seeds. My children help me plant some beautiful flowers, too. In autumn I always rake the leaves and prune the tree. There is a climbing frame with a slide and a swing and a trampoline in the garden. My children like playing there.

I live in a small flat with

I live in a small flat with my son. We like this flat very much because it's nice and confortable, and we love our neighbours. The underground is near, so I get the city centre quickly. It should take about 5 minutes.

My family lives in a big

My family lives in a big house but my boyfriend and me live in a small house.


We have a big family.I have a daughter and a son.I have two grandchildren,a boy and a girl.We're siblings in five.Four girl and a boy.I have eleven cousin.My parents unfortunately not live.

Napi kérdés

I live in a house in small city.My house was bilt in1968.It isn't too big it's one hundred square metre.There are three rooms bathroom kitchen livingroom and pantry.There is a nice garden around the house.My children grew up hier but they already moved.

Napi kérdés, május 27.

Since 3 years my family lives in a house. Before we lived in a flat, but when my granddaughters grow up, the flat was too little for us.
Now everibody has his own room in our new house, and it is very confortable for us.

Napi kérdés, május 26

How many people are there in your family?

My family isn't big.I was the only child of my parents. I was married, but my husband died since 26 years.We were having two children :a boy and a girl. My son has a 15 years old daughter (she's my oldest grandchild ) and a 7 years old boy (he is the youngest of my grandchildren.)
My daughter is married too,she has two daughters: a 15- and a 13 years old.
Now I live with my daughter and her family in Budapest. We are five people in our family here.
My son lives in Transylvania with his family.

How many people are there in your family?

I live in a family of four. I'm married. I have two children. They are 15 and 19.

Napi kérdés

I'm married.I have two daughters and five grandchildren.The older daughter lives in Budapest she has two children .Eszter 12 Levi 9 years old.The other daughter lives in Canada.She has three children.The twins - boy and girl-are three years old, Olivia is seven months old.I have a brother.He has two children and four grandchildren.

How many people are there in your family.

I have 2 sisters. One lives in Budapest, the other one lives in a country.
I have a daughter and a son. I live together my daughter and her son.My daughter hes a boyfiend however he doesn't live with us.


I want to eat fried chicken with salad.But I like the fish , vegetables, fruits and pasta.

I like eat but I can't eat

I like eat but I can't eat everything. I eat lot of vegetables and fruits, chiken, fish. I can't eat food made with milk. I cook every day.

What do you want to eat?

The question is that, when? In this minute,or for breakfast ?
So, I like to eat. This is a big problem for me and I love the bread, and the chocolate cake. I am plump. In the day time I don't eat to much but in the evening I eat too much. Now almost 11 o'clock so I don't want to eat enything.I want to drink a glass of water, that's it.

I want to eat some fish with

I want to eat some fish with vegetables.

Napi kérdés május 24.

I do the cooking for my granddaughters and for me.Another two members of my family eat at work. I'm not fussy about food, but my granddaughters are.I ask them often about their wishes,and I try to cook what they like.Their favourite dishes are the noodles.As meat we eat chicken, and sometimes beef.Unfortunately we don't like fish, but, because it's healthy, rarely I cook fish too.

What do you want to eat?

I want to eat hot sandwiches, with lots of cheese.

I usually want to eat

I usually want to eat home-cooked meals. They are usually much cheaper and healthier than eating at a restaurant. I cook every day for my family. It's difficult for me, because we're seven and everyone doesn't like the same food. My children don't like spinach, broccoli but my husband likes vegetarian food. I like many different kinds of food.
I try to provide a great variety of foods for my family. I think one-sided eating habits are very dangerous especially for the children. For dinner I prefer to make easy healthy meals which contains all the necessary nutrients, including vitamins and minerals that are essential for your body. I usually make vegetable sauce or salad with chicken breast or fish.
I sometimes eat in a restaurant. I like Italian, Greek, Japanese cuisine, but I like the Hungarian dishes the best. Traditional Hungarian dishes are based on onion, red pepper, meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products. When I do the shopping, I always choose low-fat dairy products, poultry without skin, fish, whole grain bread and cereals and healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables. Hungarian people often fry in breadcrumbs, but I never do. I try to make my dishes in a healthy way.

My favourite vacation spot?

In the Adria sea have a small fishing village on Brač insel
in Croatia. It is liked to me , with rocks small and bigger bush, pinforest with field -crickets musik and few cottages
and stonhouses .Sometimes in the evening the women
make fishes on barbecue offered to tourists for dinner , a bottle good red wine else.The men in group
becam sings nice dalmatien songs in chor.It is true villager tourism on seaside.

Napi kérdés , május 22.

I am a cheerful woman, so it's easy to make me laugh. I try to see things with optimism.I like to read comic books, or to watch comedies (films or plays ).I like also caricatures and listen to jokes.
But I can't laugh seeing somebody falling down.Nobody mustn't enjoy when anybody suffers.

What make you off?

I listent the daily question.

Sajnos nem értem a kérdést?

Sajnos nem értem a kérdést!

My favourite vacation spot is

My favourite vacation spot is Itali. My first trip abroad was Venice.I love this country, its arhitecture, its culture, its gastronomy.

Napok ota hallgatom, es nem

Napok ota hallgatom, es nem igazan ertem mit mond.
What make sure laugh? Mintha ezt mondana.

Napi kérdés , máj. 22

I'm a cheerful woman, so it's easy to make me laugh.I like to laugh, and I try to see things with optimism. I like to read comic books or to watch comedies , as films or plays.I like also to watch caricatures and listen to jokes.
But I can't laugh, seeing somebody falling...

Vacation Spot

We love Greece but also every place where there is water for swimming or bathing, e.g. lake, sea, pool, etc.

What is your favourite vacation spot

I am pensioner and I live in Badacsonytomaj, so I am always on vacation. But I like winter sports, so I often travel to Austria in winter. I mainly visit the Salzburg region. I have a saison card for years. Maybe I am not going to buy next year, because every year it is more expensive. I wrote letter to them and I asked, Why there is not senior discount. They were polite and answered but I didn't get happy.

What is your favorite vacation spot ?

My favorite vacation spots are the mediterranean countries, the mediterranean coastline. Spain, Italy, Greece, France. We sped 1-2 weeks each jahr here.

My favorite vacation spot is

My favorite vacation spot is Tokaj.I have a vineyard, I love it.

My favorite vacation spot is

My favorite vacation spot is the Croatian coast. We spent a week there in recent years. We were in Istria, on Krk Island and the Makarska Riviera. We're going to greek or albanian beach in the summer.

Hortobágy National Park is

Hortobágy National Park is one of my favourite vacation destination. It is the best vacation spot, because it offers several programs for the whole family and plenty of activities for children.
There is a place in Hungary where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the history at the same time. You can visit Lake Tisza, the second largest lake in Hungary, Lake Tisza Ecocentre that was designed to collect and show the rich flora and fauna of the Tisza valley and its lake. There are over 160 species of birds here. The bird sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers. After a one-kilometre boat trip you reach the boardwalk. The bird watching tower offers the possibility to have a look at the birdlife.
You can visit Hortobágy, the Hungarian puszta with its ”Nine-Hole” bridge. This bridge is 186 years old and it’s famous for its legend. In the Hortobágy you can meet other specific animals, too. You can see Hungarian grey cattles, Racka sheep, stud horses…
One of the largest systems of fishponds in Central Europe can be found here.
These two regions (Hortobágy and Lake Tisza) have made the Hungarian Alföld onto the UNESCO world heritage list.

napi kérdés

What's your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Balaton. I have a cabin next to the Balaton. It is in a quiet, small village. There are a lot of tree. Morning
at 5 o'clock I listen to the birds singing, the squirrels running, the woodpecker knocking. I really like this holiday

Napi kérdés

My.favourit vacasion spot are the mountains. mostly the Alps. We have been severel times in Switzerland and in Austria but we like Hungarian mountains too. We took a lot of trip to Bükk to Mátra and to Bakony.

Napi kérdés

When I sit on the beach with a non-alcoholic coctail or see the Seagulls and hear the sound of the wawes.

I and my family travelled in

I and my family travelled in several European countries, when we had posibility.We visited different towns and other famous places.
But our favourite spot is in the Transylvanian mountais.We have a cottage in a wonderful pin forest.We go there three-four times in a year.In summer we go on hikes,we collect forest-fruits :raspberry, strawberry,blueberry, blackberry and mushrooms.In the winter we go sledging and skiing.


I'm going to Egypt whit my family in the summer.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

I don't have favorite vacation spot, because i wasn't to many place. Of course I woud like to go a lot of interesting places, but i can't. I don't have enought money to travel.This is only dream.

Where do you go for vacation?

I think nowhere. I stay home. I'm going to the ocean, walk in the street.
But I have a dream. I'd like to travel by ship ,by cruise ship very far. I love the ship.

How often do you have vacation?

I have vacation when I'm not working. I had realy vacation lon-long time ego. I don't remember when.


We go to Greece.


We go abroad for vacation rarely but our favourit place was Greece until now.


I been invited of my colleague to meet their daughter in
in Australia. Her daughter already lives a few years ago
there> She lives in a little city out .I never been in Australia
it is to me a quite unknown continent
My colleague an I would like until then learnt together fluently English speak. This chance be will actuality at next
year in spring .
I don't going to go this year on vacation.

Where do you go for vacation?

We go for vacation to Italy with friends.

where do you go...

I'm going to go a cruise to Mediterranean.