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What's the best way for toutists to get around in Hungary? 

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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


I'm going to vacation in

I'm going to vacation in Dubai this summer.

I have vacation every months.

I have vacation every months.


I'm going to travel to sea for vacation.

I am going to travel to the

I am going to travel to the lake Balaton in this summer.

napi kérdés

I'd like to go to the Black Sea beach in this summer. I want to see the transformation of the seaside resort in the last eight years.

napi kérdés

Yes, I will.
I'm going to a travel office for 8 days in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

I don't know. When we vere

I don't know. When we vere yang we had a lot at lake Balaton. There was the factory resort. We could go swimming, boating, fishing, playing ball.Then we spent our halidays abroad, Italy, Spain, Croatia, France. They vere very nice summers.

Would you go for vacation?

I go to vacation for a week in July to a beach of Greece. I'd like if to be a wonderful weather. I like to swim in the sea, and to walk a lot on the seaside. To enjoy the sunshine and the scenery of the hills, to learn about the culture of the Greek people.

Napi kérdés, május 11

When I and my husband were young and our children were little,we all went for vacation to the Black seaside every summer.There was a nice, little village near the Romanian-Bulgarian border.We stayed at an aboriginal family,the hostess cooked for us.We walked to the seaside every morning ( when wasn't raining ).There was tiny sand, low water and were little waves .We felt very well there: we had bath, swam,collected shells and little crabs, constructed sand-castles, etc.
In the afternoons we had rest, read, listened to musik.( in that time there wasn't TV).In the evenings we walked a lot on the seaside.
I consider, those vacations were the most beautiful ones in my life, and I remember with pleasure them.
After our children grew, in the vacations we visited different countries in Europe.
Since , I became old, in my vacations I visit my son and his family in Transylvania.There we are happy together with my grandchildren too.

When I was younger I spent my

When I was younger I spent my holiday abroad every summer. I loved Greece and other Mediterranean countries. Now we decide on our holidays together with my family. We often choose family-friendly hotels in Hungary. We prefer hotels which have some pools, a wellness centre, sport fields. They offer various activities for kids, children's menu for meals and snacks, board games etc. We usually go there by car. We usually stay there for six nights.


I and my wife going vacation on Thursday


I usually go to once or two time a years on the vacation .
I don't think this year to travel maybe yes maybe not .
When yes than I going to spend to on either of them insel in Greece.

Once a year I travel for a

Once a year I travel for a longer vacation.


We don't go on holiday.

I travel once or twice a

I travel once or twice a years for a longer vacation.

Yes, I do. I go to my

Yes, I do. I go to my grandchildren by public transport every week. I travel to Szentes by bus or car every month. I like to travel very much. I love: beach holidays, weekend hiking, wellness days. When I have opportunity to travel, I go.


We are every summer on vacation at Lake Balaton

How often do you have a vacation?

For me every day of the year are vacations, because I'm pensioner.


We cannot have vacations too much. We can go for some days to rest a little once a year at most.

napi kerdes

Because I am pensioner, so I can have vacation when I want and I feel well. For example I
am travelling to Budapest next week on Wednesday. I am going to a symphonic concert at the Arts Palace, Mupa, with conductor Kobajasi. I will stay in the capital for some day. I hope the weather would be better than now for walking and enjoying the beautiful sightseeing.

napi kérdés

Every 2-3 years.In spring or summer.

How often do you have a vacation ?

We have a vacation in Summer. We usually go on holiday one time every year. We like the warm countries, because we usually go in Italy or Spain or Greece.

Napi kérdés

I have a vacation this year to Gyula. I rested in the Gyula Castle Bath for five days. I was swimming in the indoor pool in the morning, then I sit 30 minutes in hot water. I enjoyed it.
The five-days vacation quickly passed.


We have vacation usually once, in summer.

I have a vacation every

I have a vacation every summer. We often choose family-friendly hotels which offer various activities for kids, children’s menu for meals and snacks, board games, sport facilities. When we have a holiday in Hungary we usually go by car. We sometimes go abroad. My children like swimming very much. My husband and I both enjoy relaxing with a coctail on the beach or in the coctail bar near the pool. We also like spending our time in an active way. We walk long distances to get to towns, visit museums, exhibitions and even do some sports like cycling, hiking.

Napi kérdés

If it may be I have vacation in every summer.


Every year I go on vacation.This summer we are going to holiday with my grandchildren.

Napi kérdés május 8.

Nearly all my life is a vacation since I became a pensioner.I have got to do some activities, but I have got a lot of spare time for my favourite activities.
Before of this situation,when I worked, I had vacation about three weeks in a year, my husband had as well.At that time our family-all of us-was travelling to Black sea side or in the mountains.At present I have beautiful memories of that times.

Napi kérdés

I have vacation twice a year in spring and in the summer.In the spring I go only with my husband and in the summer my grandchildren come with us too.

Napi kérdés

Five times a week.

I have a vacation all

I have a vacation all year,but I have kids,granddaughter garden.

Do you travel often?

I travel often because my workplace is about 70 kilometres from my home.When I go to work,I take the train.By the way,I and my family travel abroad twice a year.

I have a vacation once a

I have a vacation once a year.

No, I don't. I like to travel

No, I don't. I like to travel more than now, but I haven't enough freedom.

Do you travel often?

Rarely, but I would like very much more.When have the interesting sightseeings location in a town I go to there.
I like Hortobagy it is a champaign with horses and bulls.
then the mountains with pickes and their forestes of pine
I enjoyed the big towns and metropolis in haevy traffic and
crowding . I live to visit Wienna and Budapest especially
the old stylid buildings and a lot of museums of Fine Arts
with many pictures by famous artists including of artwork
figures too. .Then Heroe's Square , so in a class by itself in
world. Those places I visited when I came to Budapest.
I wait the Night of Museums but many people going to
visit those one.

I like to travel, but I

I like to travel, but I haven't got enough time and money. I travel abroad once a year. Usually I travel with my friends.

Yes, I like travel whit my

Yes, I like travel whit my girlfriend by car. We love to hike, see the beauties of nature.

Napi kérdés

I usually travel once or twice a year. Not too often. I'd like to travel more.

Do you travel often? Yes, I

Do you travel often?
Yes, I do. My husband has three sisters and six brothers. Some of them live abroad. We visit his brother in Netherlands every other year. My husband’s nephew lives in Switzerland. We also visit him. He has a baby girl. My best friend lives in Vác with her family. We often go hiking in Vác. We walk along the bank of Danube, my children play in the playground. This time we visit them. Her son is as old as mine. We have a holiday twice a year. We usually travel by car.

Do you travel offten?

No, I don't. I don't have much time to travel but I would need it.

Napi kérdés

Do you travel often?
At a smaller distance, yes, rarely longer.

Do you travel often?

No, I dont't. Only three times a year.

Do you travel often?

No, I don't. Only once a year.

Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I do. I have three youger sisters.

Do you travel often?

Yes, I do. Usually once in every season. I very like it!

napi kerdes

yes,I have one brother. He is living at Praga.

Yes, we do. We travel

Yes, we do. We travel somewhere every month. We were in Dubaj, and we looked at many sights.

No, I don't. But I would like

No, I don't. But I would like to travel.
Maybe one day I can to visit to some country.

Do you travel often?

Yes I do. My elder daughter lives in London now, and I visit her every two month. Last summer we spent our holyday together in Rinsey Head. This was a big beutiful house in the English “riviera” directly next to the ocean. Every room had a wiew to the ocean.

When our children were young we travelled with them in Greek. We loved this country. There were a lot of historical places to visit, beautiful beaches to swim, take a sunbath and and spent time in an calm and glad way.

Nowdays we travel with my husband within Hungary. We love Zemplén mountain. We spend there our holyday for 3 years. There is a beautiful appartman house in Boldogkőváralja, we stay there 2 weeks every summer. We can hike there, visit casttles and lovely small towns and villages. We love it so much.

I rarely go a long way,rather

I rarely go a long way,rather just two to three days.