LEGÚJABB KÉRDÉS (2021. január 23.): 


Who are the most important people in your life? Kik a legfontosabb emberek az életedben?

Válaszolj a hozzászólásba, amilyen bőven csak tudsz. Az sem baj, ha egy két szavas, mert ahogy haladsz előre, egyre több mindent fogsz tudni válaszolni!


Írd be a hozzászólást, majd kattints az ELŐNÉZET gombra, és ha elégedett vagy, akkor MENTÉS.

Napi kérdés fogalmazásaid elolvasom, de nem javítom, ha valamit nem értek, szólok. Viszont ha a szóhasználatod pontosításra szorul, azt feltétlen jelzem! Ha tanulod a nyelvet, ki fognak kopni a hibák:)

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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


naapi angol kerdes

Yes I have the GOMBOLYAG MAGAZIN, I like the handiwork,

naapi angol kerdes

My first ward was YES...

Napi kérdés

No, I don't. I don't read newspapers or magazines, I rather read books. I love it a lot, and I have favorite books, too.

Yes, I have. My favourite

Yes, I have. My favourite newspapper is ÉS end Természet Búvár.I like them, I can read interesting news from literature, politics end nature.

No, I don't. Maybe, yes and

No, I don't. Maybe, yes and no. I didn't learn this langauge at school. When my dougther moved to Canada I started learn English.

napi kérdés

No, I haven't. I like better to read news in the internet.

The first Enlish word was

The first Enlish word was ,yes, no. My English is very poor.

Yes, I do. The first English

Yes, I do. The first English word which I wrote in my vocabulary notebook was "satellite". I was 10 years old. When I came home after school, my mother checked my English homework and she was very surprised. "Satellite?"-asked my mother. "What did you learn today? What is satellite?" I don't know, I said, I didn't understand anything from the lesson. My mother smiled at me. "It is not a very important word." Then we looked up the book and she explained the meaning of this word.

napi kérdés

No, I don't know wich was it.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I do. My first English word was "afternoon" It came in my brain right at the beginning, so I learnt it, at once.


I can't. But it was a long time ago.I already woked when I started
learning English.The teacher speek only English.I didn't like that.


I will go to play tennis tomorrow afteroun.I have been learning it for a year.I have a good trainer.

Yes, I can. I was a little

Yes, I can. I was a little girl and in our school we can learn German. But there was an english teacher in our school too and sometimes she teached us english songs.

Yes, I can.

Yes, I can.

daily question

I'm sorry, i don't remember. It was long-long time ago.

Yes, I remember. When I was

Yes, I remember. When I was 15 years old, I started learn English language. I had the old teacher, who was very angry, when we didn't learn a lot. Every lessons we wrote 10 words.I learned English 4 year.

Napi kérdés

I'm going to super market, after this I'm going to make cakes, and watch tv.

Napi kérdés

My younger daughter was eight years old when she started learn English language in the school.I wanted help for her that's whay I sterted learn English too. In my English group were people of different ages. My English teacher was friendly and helpful, we had a nice time there.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I can. I was 16 years old, I went to high school. I had the opportunity to learn another language outside of Russian, it was the Italian language. But I really liked it to study English, and my language teacher liked me a lot. She began to teach me English in a separate hour. I remember I really enjoyed it. Then, I learned three languages at the same time.

I started learning English

I started learning English when I was 10 years old. I had a very young English teacher. He was nice and friendly but we didn't learn a lot. We played English games and we sang English songs. A few years later I took an entrance exam to high school, I had to take an English exam, too. I wanted to learn English in high school. I failed my exam. I didn't know anything. I started learning French in my first year of high school. Now I enjoy learning English online.

napi kerdes

I'd like to have a chat whit one of my friends. So I decided inviting her to my house.
I'm waiting her tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock. We're having some cakes and a cup
of coffee while we're telling about our last adventure.

napi kérdés

I'm going to walk around our house to enjoy the early spring time if the weather will be good. My foot hurt last August so I can yet walk a little bit slowly. I am going to learn English and I have to write some e-mails, too.

I eat fish with salad or

I eat fish with salad or vegetables once a week. My husband like it with chips.

I'm going to Ajka to my uncle. They are old because I help them tree times a week. Then I'm going do the shopping.

I'm going hiking with my

I'm going hiking with my children tomorrow afternoon. On Saturdays we often go hiking when the weather is good. Tomorrow we're going to visit a small village near Budapest where my friends live.

Elozo napi napi kerdes

I going to take a nap afternoon, later I will go to at hairdresser at the appointed time .

daily question

I love to eat but seldom ate it.,Because a fish bone got stuck in my troat once.

napi kérdés

- I do not know, yet. I have to go to the service, because my car is wrong. But then i am free.

Napi kérdés

I'm going to work in the garden if the weather will be good. In case of bad weather I'm going to relax.


Tomorrow afternoon I go to the cinema with my grandson.

I'm going to my grandfather

I'm going to my grandfather and I'm going to do the cleaning in his house. He lives alone and he needs help in the household chores. After I'm going to visit my parents and my sister. I hope that in tomorrow evening we're going to the cinema.

I eat fish once a month. I like fish but I eat rarely it.


I don't unfortunately like fish.

Fish is a really healthy food

Fish is a really healthy food because it's high in protein and low in fat. I like it very much. I eat fish and other seafood twice a week. I have some good seafood recipes. I often create my own recipes and I sometimes use other sources. I prefer recipes which are easy to make and the ingredients don't cost much. I often make cod fish with mustard sauce and grilled tuna with vegetables.

napi kerdes

I'm eating fiss often,because I love sea food.

napi kerdes

I'm wanting to cook tomorrov .

napi kérdés

I'm going to walk to Vácrátót tomorow afternoon.

I am going to bring my

I am going to bring my grandson from school tomorrow afternoon because he is going to sleep here with us.

What are you going to do tomorrow afternoon?

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to go to gym for a salsation class. Before I will go shopping.

We often eat fish, because it

We often eat fish, because it is my favorite food, and my family like it, too.

napi kérdés

I very love fich , but I’m eating rarely it. I’m very sorry, because I know it, that the fish is healthy . But our waters are very dirty and in the fish are many parazites.

Napi kérdés

We eat fish once a week.We like it, especially the salmon. We eat it with vegetables. I know the fish is a healty food therefore I buy it every week.


No I don't like move house.I like the area where I live now.Near my house there is a nice park, a small football field, a park for children and a market.I'm sad besause I have no garden.

Napi kérdés

I like fish. I eat one's the week. I like with oil, Fish and chips. It's very healthy.

Napi kérdés

I wouldn't like move my house. I like it. It's very nice. I have the garden with small house, and in all summer lived there. In winter we are in the flat.


I eat fish very rarely.

napi kerdes

I love my house , I wouldn't want anything to change or to movi. There's have a big flat, and a big garden with some flowers in summer and a few rich treer..
Its true in house and garden must overmuch work , but children are living in other town, so can't helping to us.
In future that is be an problem, but we hopen can be will disposal to find to.

No, I wouldn't like to mouve

No, I wouldn't like to mouve house. I live in a family hause with big garden. I like to doing the gardening. We have lot of trees, flowers and vegetables. Aur children don't live here.

daily question

I don't cleaning at the and the week. I am cleaning Saturday. I cook lunch on Sunday. I am every Sunday going on the Church.

I wouldn't like to move

I wouldn't like to move house. I don't like doing the gardening. When my sons were kids then I wanted a house with big garden. I'd like a big terrace only.

No, I wouldn't like to move

No, I wouldn't like to move house. I have moved three times in my life. Now I live in a big family house with my husband and my children. My husband built a second floor after we haved moved into the house. I like living there, because it's near the bus station, so it takes me half an hour to get to the city center.The neighbourhood is silent. There is a big garden behind the house where I like doing the gardening.

Would you like to move house?

Of course, I would like to move to house with garden, Thise is my big dream..I live in an appartment. But a house is better. I know more to do, always can fixit something, but I can go out in the garden, I can do the party with my friends. I can play with my grandson in the garden. I can do the gardering.