LEGÚJABB KÉRDÉS (2020. június 24.): 


Where do you read books?

Válaszolj a hozzászólásba, amilyen bőven csak tudsz. Az sem baj, ha egy két szavas, mert ahogy haladsz előre, egyre több mindent fogsz tudni válaszolni!


Írd be a hozzászólást, majd kattints az ELŐNÉZET gombra, és ha elégedett vagy, akkor MENTÉS.

Napi kérdés fogalmazásaid elolvasom, de nem javítom, ha valamit nem értek, szólok. Ha tanulod a nyelvet, ki fognak kopni a hibák:)

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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


What do you like doing in your free time?

I very like to bake and cook. And I need to move too. I doing hulahoop.

Napi kérdés

What do you like doing in your freetime? My favorite free time program is the travel. I love to drive. And I’m living in the beautiful country. So I can go to short trip every weekend..

What do you like doing in your free time?

I very like to bake and cook. And I need to move too. I doing hulahoop.

Napi kérdés dec.12-13.

I have a lot of free time, but I have very few people near me, who could spend time with me.I am old enough and don't have any partner. I have a few friends, sometimes we walk ,or go to theatre together. I often talk to my distant son, to my grandchildren and friends who live far, on Messenger. I live with my daughter's family although we are five members, but I don't want to disturb them, everybody has his own problems. I try to spend my free time usefully and entertaining myself at the same time. I like to encrease my knowledge using the possibilities offered by internet, I read a lot,I like watching movies on TV as well , so I never have been bored.

In my life the most people

In my life the most people are my family and my friends. My children live abroad but we talk a lot on the phone, skyp and messenger. My friends live nearbay so we can meet often.

My dougther lives in Canada.

My dougther lives in Canada. When I visited them, I spok English with her husband. I knew little English, but we anderstood each other. One summer I was in Bled with my friends where I had to use English. I was glad they anderstood me and I anderstood them. It made me happy.

Napi kérdés dec.11.

The most important people in my life are my family, of course.It would be very difficult for me to determine the order of their importance : which finger should I bite into? My children and my grandchildren are equally important and dear to me, and I can make sacrifaces for all of them. My husband's place would be among them, but unfortunately he died very long time ago. He was a very good man who loved much all of us.
My parents died when I was very young, and I didn't have any sisters or brothers.
I have some very dear friends, they are already in the second row among my beloved ones.

napi angol

The most important people in my life? Of course first my children. My son lives in Hungary with his girlfriend. We talk together only on the phone . Then my daughter who lives with me. And my bright, nice, beautiful grandson ,he lives with his mother and me. My sisters, one lives in the country ,the other one is lives in Budapest. The youger sister who lives in Budapest talk a lot with me on the phone. She is goin to visit me in the summer. And she has two children, one girl and a boy. They are important people too. And my friends.. I have a few but I have. They are good friends.

napi angol

A few years ago me and my husband were an Chrismast holiday our albanian frieds.
There we spoke only English because they didn't spoke hungarian, and we didn't spoke albanian. It was very hard, but we understood a lot.
And when I'm going to my grandson's school I need speak English with the teachers.
Comming the holiday and I'm going to help my grandson's school. I'm going to speak English for everybody there.

napi angol

Yes, I have. I changed my bed, I have a new one. So, I realign my room. I bought 2 pieces rugs. One is gray, the another is colorful. Now my room is bigger, and I have big place. And I 'd like to decotete the pine tree. There is an artificial pine, but I like it. It's big , and it's going to be nice. I need clean my room.

Napi kérdés dec.6.

I go out on holidays with my family. Then I don't need to speak in English, because my daughter does everything is necessary.
Still I had a case, when English was very useful for me ,as it follows:
My husband has had a cousin in Czech Republik. Once she visited us with her 20 year old daughter. My husband's cousin has known Hungarian, but her daughter hasn't. She however has known English well. Then the young girl and me talked in English :she well, I hesitant, speaking and showing, but we finally understood each-other.Then I was very happy. This happened many years ago.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I have. I already used, about two years ago. Then we were in the Czech Republic, at a wedding. My grandson Áron got married Lidia, who is a Czech girl. I spoke English there with all the people, who didn't know Hungarian. Then, I could speak English hardly, so it was hard for me. But I tried. And the people have understood me. It was a very good feeling.

I've got a big garden, but I

I've got a big garden, but I will not work there. The weather is cold now. I will plant fowers and plants them in the spring.

Napi kérdés dec.2.

On Mondays I like to plan my weekly program, and the weekend's too.
Usually on Sunday mornings I go to church. Sometimes, when I find an afternoon performance I go to theater with one of my friends.
This Sunday I have to go at 15 o'clock to regard a comedy by Heltai Jenő.
I don't like to go out from my house alone on evenings and unfortunately there are rarely performances on daytime.
Sometimes my daughter invites me to theater on evenings.
Last Christmas she presented me by 4 theater tickets, and we had gone together there.
I hope, this Chrismas she will give me the same present.

Legújabb kérdés

Yes, I have. I have garden in my plans for this weekend too.
I have a big garden.
I like to work there or have fun.

Napi kérdés

No, I haven't. First of all, I do not have a garden, secondly, the weather is not good for gardening. It is snowing, it is cold. I think nothing can be done this time in the garden. So, I do not have gardening plans for this weekend. Maybe we can go hiking and can enjoy the nice landscapes. For example, we can go to Lillafüred. It place is beautiful every time, but it is the most beautiful this time when the trees dress in white dresses.

Legujjabb kerdes 03 12 2019

Yes, I very like to cooking.

Tegnapi kerdes . 03 12 2019

Dear Noemi,

I am procrastinating. I do a lot of things.It is time a little my. I have a sickness, skelozis multiplex. I am going to the hospital, infusion therapy.tomorrow.

Napi angol.

Yes, yes, yes. When I was yang my mother teached me to cook. Then I married. I cooked terrible. Later I cook better. Now I'm a good cooker. I like to cook everything. Hungarien food or another contries' food. I love to eat ,so of course I like to cook.

napi angol

I'm love is demanding. I'd like if everydbody love me. I love the people. I'm modest, I'm a simple woman. I have a hard time getting to know each other. I have just a few friends.
One friend will married, and she will go to Florida. So I lost her. We met more times, we went together to the beach, to the park, we cooked together. Oke we are going to call each other, but it's not same.

Napi kérdés nov.29.

At my teenager years my stepmother taught me cooking and I liked very much it.
After I married ,I stayed with my husband's parents in common household and on weekdays my mother in law cooked for us ( she was retired ). On weekends I cooked for the whole family.
Later our family changed :my father in law and my husband died, my children married, so I remained in our home with my mother in law, only. After I came in pension, I cooked for both of us, and I liked to do it. When my children visited us I cooked a lot and delicious food they loved. I made many cakes too.
Now I live with my daughter and her family in common household. I cook for all of us, but I haven't any satisfaction by this activity, because my granddaughters are very fussy about food, so there is hardly to cook any food that they like to eat. They would eat pastes every day, but it's no recommended to eat so monotonous diet. I try to please them cooking various new recipes, but I don't always have succes.
In this situation, cooking is not my favourite activity.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I do. I like cooking a lot. We have lunch at home, so I usually cook every two days. I always cook soup with vegetables or meat and it is always a second catch. This is usually vegetable with meat. We like fish so I often cook it, too. Sometimes I cook pasta, with cottage cheese, cabbage or poppy. My grandchildren like the pancake, therefore, I often also make it. On Sundays, I always cook a holiday lunch meat soup, fried chicken with potatoes and pickles. Sometimes after lunch, it is a cake, too.

Napi kérdés nov. 27.

This is a very difficult question. It's hard to be objective and not say about myself how I really want to be.
There are two ways for present my personality : by my words and by using psychological knowledges.
So I can say about myself I am a calm, kind, patient person.I am talkative (as can be seen from my essays...), I'm optimist,courageous, so I accepted the problems about my health ( several operations ), and these had a good ending. I'm onest ,I like to resolv my problems quickly. What I love most is peace in my family and around me, this is why I'm capable of sacrifices.
Consulting the Wikipedia pages about the personality types, I appreciate myself I'm classified as a sangvine personality type rather (with few exceptions )

I often go to concerts. I

I often go to concerts. I like all kinde of music. I go to classical and light music concerts.I also like listen to music at home. Now I prefer classical music because the light music concert very noisy for me.There are a lot of concerts in our city. We can choose from Christmas concert in December. I'm looking forward to them.

Napi kérdés

I think I am a nice, friendly person I am sensitive fairly. I like other people. I like to talk to everyone. I like to help who needs this. However, I don't like the quarrel, the loud shouting, or the loud music. My nervous system is very sensitive, therefore I'd rather prefer the silence and the quiet or normal sound speaking.


Yes, we go to a concert once a year at least. We like the symphonic music.

Napi angol

When I was yang in the high school we went to a concert only one time. I don't remember who play there. I know it was fantastic, I liked it. It was big noise I jelling for everybody. Then the next day in the school I wasn't voice, I coudn't speak. Then I never went to concert.

napi angol

I spend home a lot of time. I work on Thursday all day, from 8 am to 7 pm and on Fryday about 6 or 7 hours. So I have a lot of free time. I can do the shopping, or go shopping. I can invite my friend. I can visit them.

Napi kérdés

I never liked to go to concerts, even at a young age. I don't like those places where many people are together. I don't like the noise, the loud music. And these all are in the concerts. I like to listen to music, at home. I listen to a CD, or I watch on TV a nice music show. It can be serious or light music, too. Anyway, I like to be at home and to do my small things, what I like. So no, I do not like to go to concerts.

Napi kérdés nov.21.

A long time ago, in my young age there were little posibilities for listening to music at home. These were the radios,tape recorders, later casette recorders.The latter were quite expensive, so not many people have had such devices.
When I was a student, I went every Sunday forenoon to concerts for students.
Later, after I had my own family, we went to concerts less frequently.
As time goes on, there appeared more and more possibilities for listening to music at home .
I like symphonic music, I have a rich collection of CD-s, I have a good CD payer and a computer too, so nowadays I mostly listen to music at home.

Napi kérdés, nov.20.

As a pensioner, I don't have to leave home every day. So, I spend a lot of time at home. I like my home, I feel good at home. I have a lot of activities , from housekeeping to entertainment. Usually I leave home 2 times a week ,for 3-4 hours.When I get home I'm tired, I rest more on those days.

No, I haven't. Every day I

No, I haven't. Every day I read diferent newspappers on the enternet. For a long time I bought and read Zalai Hírlap, Veszprémi Hírlap, Élet és Irodalom, TermészetBúvár but now I don't buy newspapper. I like to get information trough newspappers.

Napi kérdés

Since I'm retired, I spend at home enough many times. Of course, I have programs, but besides these, I always spend my free time at home. I like my home, I like doing housework, I like resting, reading a book, learning languages, solving crossword puzzles and I like taking care of my grandchildren. So I like to spend a lot of time at home.

Napi kérdés nov.19.

I don't buy newspapers, but since I like to be informed about political, social and cultural events, I get this information from the internet. If I haven't to go anywhere on previously established time, at mornings I turn my computer and look for news aforementioned .
I like to read, usually I borrow books from a library.
I have a subscription to the weekly newspaper Women's Magazine.

Napi kérdés

No, I usually don't read any newspapers and magazines, so I don't have favorite ones. If I have some free time I read a book, I study English, or I do a crossword puzzle. All in all, I don't like politics so I don't read newspapers, and the magazines aren't my world.

napi angol

I don't have any favorite newspaper or magazin. The truth that I don't read newspaper or magazin.There are in the newspapers a lot of bad news, I don't need this for me.
In the magazin there are a lot of gossip. I don't care who , with who, when, where what do. I think every body has oun life. I don't care what is that.

No, I can't. Maybe not and

No, I can't. Maybe not and yes.

Napi kérdés nov.16.

The first words in English I heard were "what is this? ". We, 13 year old kids were at school, in our classroom ,and at the beginning of the first English lesson our teacher said to us these words . Then the whole class started laughing.These words seems for us very ridiculous ,as voices of frogs. This act was shameful ,but we were foolish kids only...

napi angol

Well, I don't remember. I think Yes, and No.

napi angol

Yes I remember. First I learn myself from the ;Top sicret. I had casette, and I listening to it. Then I heard we can go in a library to learn English. We go there with some friends. We were an interview. I did't do anything,I didn't understend anything, only the words; sun. bus, people etc. It was terrible. The teacher was a chinesse woman. She was kind, nice, she helped a lot for everybody. We learned there three mounth.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I do. My first English word was personal pronoun and 'to be' verb, but what I loved a lot that the word was the "afternoon". I don't know why. But I loved this word. It sounds so good to me.

Napi kérdés nov.15.

It was a long time ago when I came in contact with English : I was at medium school, I was 15 years old. By the time we had learning Romanian for 7 years and Russian for 4 years, so the English was the third foreign language, two hours a week. Compared to the other 2 languages English seemed very strange, as the written and spoken forms were very different. At that time I had a funny story :once , going to home with my girlfriend , on the tram we started to tell each- other an English lesson, as if we were talking . It was funny for us, when a man asked us : do you speak English ? Then we were scared, answered -oh, no ! and ran away in shame...
As a student I learned English for 2 years , later in my factory I exercised some English translating articles connected with my activity from technical magazines. I participated on discussions in English for buying new mashines when our factory has a big development, but never I learned very well the English language.
After many-many years, when I became old, I brought up English again, partly because it makes me happy,partly because every member of my family speaks English, but mainly for the intention of using my brain.

Napi kérdés nov.12.

I like to solve my problems in mornings :I go to buy something is necessary, or I walk with my friends to visit any beautiful places in our capital, I go to my doctor, I clean my room or I cook for my family, so at noon I'm tired sufficiently. At noons I have my lunch (at that time I'm alone at home ) and I rest. After that I amuse myself by my computer, by reading, by listening to music, by watching TV. Rarely I go to cinema or theatre.
For tomorrow I haven't any different program.

Napi kérdés nov. 10.

Although fish is one of the healthiest foods, my family members don't like it. For this reason I cook fish rarely : once or twice a month.If I fry fish fingers for my older granddaughter, I most fry cheese in breadstrumbs for the younger.
All of us like fried salmon, but this is expensive enough, so we eat this delicious food rarely.
Sometimes we eat fish conserves too.

What I'm going to do tomorrow

What I'm going to do tomorrow afternoon? After lunch I'm going to drink coffee and I'm going to learn English. Then I'm going to visit my ancle, he's in hospital. I'm going to take him cake and pears. He likes them. I hope we are going to talk a lot . I'll go to the theater in the evening so I have to harry.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I can. I remember when I started to study English I wasn't already so keen language student. I thought I was trying to study English, but then I already was learning Russian and Italian, as well. First, I didn't like it. Then I loved English more and more. In my first lesson, I learned the greetings, then "be" verb, and so on. And when I got married to my husband, and the children came, I finished it. The next time I started again to learn English when I became retired. I read many kinds of articles about language learning in older age. I read it is so much good against dementia in the elderly. Maybe there's something in it. And now I'm studying English in full steam.

Napi angol

Tomorrow is Wednesday. So, my grandchild stay home. Won't go to school because we have an appointment. We are going to the dentist at 2;45 with him. I don't know how long we deed waiting there. This won't be easy because he doesn't like the dentist. Then we are coming home and I'll make dinner ,he we'll make the home work then he'll playing and I'll rest a litle bit. Then 7;50 he takes a shower. 8:30 he's going to bed and sleep. I'm wathching a film ,at 11;00 I'm going to bed.

napi angol

I like the fish, but I don't eat very much. Sometimes I eat enough fish then long time I don't.

Napi kérdés

Probably I am going to rest, and certainly studying English. I usually work in the morning. I clean the house, I cook lunch, I wash dresses, I iron out, etc. After lunch, I wash the dishes, and with this, I finish the physical work. In the afternoon I only rest, read a book, I study, or I take care, my grandchildren. I go away with them to the playground or read a tale, maybe I watch TV with them. I don't know from these what will be the program tomorrow afternoon, but one thing is certain: I will not work.

Napi kérdés

I like eating fish a lot. I usually cook it. I eat fried fish. I always eat it with vegetables or potatoes. I like the best the trout, and the other lean fish. Fish is very healthy. It is good for cholesterol, and I don't fatten. So we eat these very often, at least once a week.