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Yes, we have a dog. It' s

Yes, we have a dog. It' s sixteen years old. Its name's Steve. We always lived with animals since mouving to a garden house. In our house lived animal: fish, parrot, hamster, rabbit and dogs. We liked these animals very much. Our children have learned how to care for animals.

Well....this is an

Well....this is an interesting and good question.
I have some dreams. I like to help for everybody.
I have learnt massage and I got deeksha beavatást, it can be usefull together alkalmazva.
I know seams crazy idea for a lot of people.
I have to improve my English maybe later I will try it.

Tegnapi kérdés

No, I haven't , but my sister has two dogs, their name are Ropi and Beni, and one black cat. Cat's name is Nivea. I like play with them.

Yes, I do. I have two guines

Yes, I do. I have two guines pigs. They are brothers and 4 years old. They live with us in the house.

Napi kérdés szept.10.

I'm old, I'm a pensioner, so I don't need any business. All I need is health.

Napi kérdés szept.8.

Many years ago, when our family was altogether and we lived in a house with garden, I had have a little dog.It was black with a white tie on it's fur. It's name was Flea, because it was black, little and jumped a lot.I really liked it.
After I moved to my daughter's family, my daughter in law didn't want to keep it, so I gave my little dog to my girlfriend.
Now, my youngest granddaughter has a little rabbit.It lives in a cage in the house, and it's owner takes care of it.

Napi kérdés szept.6.

Because I have a considerable age ,it can be understood, I had have a lot of bad days along my life. Many times I have resurrected myself from difficult situations. Thinking through all of these, I remember a tragic event: when I was ill, going to a diificult heart-operation ,my husband died suddenly in an accident. That was the worst and the saddest day of my life.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I have. I have two cats. They are fifteen years old, so they have been living with us for a long time. We love them a lot. One cat is black, and the other one is grey. They are members of the family. Our cats are very clean, so sometimes they into go to our bed. I know many people don't like it, but we don't mind it. They are our small favorite pets.

napi angol

We live an appartman building the fourst floor. In the house some people has dog or cat. We doesn't have dog or cat but we have mouse. It's not pay rent or bills just we have. We try to kill but it very smart. Sometime we can see it but at night I hear when run or eat something. I'm not too happy about it.

napi angol

Yes. On Saturday szeptember 7. It was the day befote yesterday. My grandson was too active. Ran in the apartment, screamed, jumped so it was terrible. I have decided we are going to somewere. We went dawn from the third floor. Miksa ran away to the street .I'm not joung, I can't to run fast. Miksa run very fast. Too much people was in the street and I couldn't see Miksa. I was scared. I ran after child, but he wasn't nowhere. I cried I was angry. What can I do now? Where is he? Then I saw him in the street he ran in the backyard. I caught him. I told : You never do this with me, don't run awaay for me. It dangerous. Just laughed. He didn't understend nothing, his an autism child. So it was a good day?

Have you ever had a bad job?

I was 20 years old I finised high school and I looked for a job. I didn't know what I would like to do. So I went a factory where made men's shirts ,under wear,pajamas ect. My sister worked there. I worked there about 3 years. I hated my job. Every day I wished disappear the factory when I need to start the job. My job was boring, I didn't like my colleauges and my job. The factory was far, I needed get up to early, 5 o'clock am in the morning .I was happy when I went home. It was a very hard work I always was very tired. My heart ill. I coudn't work more. I stay home 5 years.I was very happy I fineshed this job.

Yes, I think I had some

Yes, I think I had some really bad days, formerly. But not nowadays. Last time, perhaps when it was I worked. Since my retirement, I have enough good days. I am not nervous, and I have patience. I like to be home with my family, I like to do what I want. Sometimes, when the weather isn't so good, or the weather fronts are coming, I'm feeling worse, but my day is not bad. I make a glass of lemongrass tea, I read a good book or I only study English and I'm already feeling better.

Napi kérdés

No, I haven't bad job. I working in the little

Tegnapi kérdés

Yes, only once. I turned with my car, where couldn't turn around . I paid 2000 Ft.

Napi kérdés szept.2.

When I decided to become chemical engineer,I didn't know really how manysided (mennyire sokoldalu) this profession was.After two years of study only we were separated into three sections :the inorganic, organic and building materials.Then I chose the first.
After the finishing of their studies, the graduates were sent by the representative comission of Ministry of Education to different places of work. I was sent to an electrical insulators making factory from ceramics, which needs studies of building materials' section.( In those times of communism there were happened many bad measures in all of domains...).So it was necessary for me to complete my knowledges with new knows.It was hard a little...
Later I accustomed to my job, and I loved it. I had good collaborators, (almost all of them). There were periods of time with a lot of satisfactions,mainly when was successful. the export of our products
Now, as a retired I like to remember that period, when I worked and still I have contacts with my old colleagues.

No, I haven't. My job was

No, I haven't. My job was very nice, I liked it. I met a lot of people and it was very interesting. I had good kolleagues and we learned a lot from each other. We hiked, celebrated, played sport together. I liked, me miss this.

Napi kérdés

No, I didn't have a bad job. When I worked, I love my job a lot. I enjoyed it and loved to meet with people. I loved I was important, the bosses and the co-workers count on me. We had a good team, we helped each other and we loved each other. We went to go hiking in our free time, and we celebrated the name's days. So I had a good job, and I have a more nice memory of these times.

Yes, they checked my records

Yes, they checked my records a few times. I have been driving over thirty years.

Napi kérdés aug.30.

They stopped me a few times, but not for breaking the rules, but only for checking the documents.
After my second heart operation, I don't drive any more.

Napi kérdés

No, I have not been stopped by the police. I am already not a young person, but the police didn't stop me never. I always tried to obey the law and the rules in transport and in my life, too.

I only rarely travel alone. I

I only rarely travel alone. I usually go on vacation with my boyfriend. I hike a lot with my friends. I often travel to Szentes with my grandchildren by car.

napi angol

Yes and no. Sometimes I'm traveling with my daughter and my grandchild. Sometimes I 'm traveling with my garndson somewhere. But more times I'm traveling myself.

napi angol Miert fontos az angol nyelv....

The English language very important in my life because I live here in the USA, and I have to speak with the peope. Yesterday I was an examination in the hospital,and I needed understand what I can do. It's very hard to me. And I have a grandchild ,I speak with the teacher, the doctor ect. And I not speacking good. If I want to see a movie I would like to understand everything. I have English book, I'd like to read it.

Napi angol kérdés

Yes, I travel alone usually, except when I travel with my family.

Napi kérdés

Egyedül utazol?

No, I don't. I travel with my

No, I don't. I travel with my family or my boyfriend. I enjoy to share the news with other people when I travel.

Sometimes I travel alone, but

Sometimes I travel alone, but I like traveling with my family and friends.My husband can't travel much so I travel with my friend most of the time.

Napi kérdés aug.25.

If I have to do an official trip, or to visit my relatives, I do it alone, of course. But for vacation I don't like travelling alone. It's better and more amusing to go with my family or with a group of friends.

Napi kérdés

No, I don't travel alone. I usually travel with my husband. I already traveled with my daughter, and with my son, too. Last year with my son and his family traveled abroad. My husband couldn't come with us. But was also like, our whole family traveled together. So I never travel alone, there is always someone with me. So that's how I feel good when I'm with my family.

Why is English language important in your life?

In my life is important English language, because I would like to work in England. I am a retired teacher, but still I would like work in England. There I would like to learn Englis language.

Why is English language important in your life?

English language is important in my life, because I would like to work in England. I'm a retired teacher, but still want to work in England. There I want learn English.

Napi kérdés, aug. 24.

I am old enough and I can say English language has accompanied me almost through my life.
I began learning it for 4 years at secondary school (2 hours a week ).In that time I corresponded in English with foreign students (using vocabulary, of course).
Later, at the techical university I learned technical terms in English for 2 years.When I began working I translated articles from professional newspapers.
But these activities weren't enough for me to know well English language,especially for speaking fluently. My vocabulary and my grammatical knows were insufficient.
Later my life's problems made me forgot English learning for several decades.
Then, a few years ago, as a retired, I found the " noemiangol" online course and had the urge to start learning this language again.
In my family everyone speaks English -the adults well, the kids less, so I would like to be one of them in this respect.
On the other hand is recommended for old men to keep animated their brain to prevent growing stupid, so I learn English for tying up the pleasant with useful.Therefore I learn English with pleasure.

Whay is langues English important in your life?

The langues English in your life hogy not to sell me abroad

Because may children live

Because may children live abroade.

Napi kérdés

The English language is extremely important in my life. This is because I like studying languages. I already loved to study when a young age, too. And this love stayed with me. Nowadays I don't have to study, but I study languages every day. I study besides English, also Italian. This is important to me because it helps the prevention of the old age dementia, and besides, that entertains me, too.

Napi kérdés aug.20.

My story on the phone is as follows:
10-15 years ago I used the phone rarely.Then I had a simple cell phone and it was enough for my needs. I used it specifically for contacts.
Later, after I got some knowledges about computer, I liked the possibilities the modern phone offered and bought for myslf a smart one.
Now I can't say I'm using all it's advantages, but it helps me a lot.My granddaughters show me what I'm curious about.
( A few years ago I fell on the street and my knee broke. Immediately I called my daughter and she took me to the hospital quickly.)
Now I use my phone as a computer too. It is part of my memory, containing a lot of my data.
Without it I can't make a step outside my house. It offers me a sense of security.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I can, but it's very important for me. When I working, for many questions I get answer on it.
Every day I talk with my son, becaues he lives in Switzerland.
My husband is ill, and I used phone, how are you.


I don't bought CD, because my son make it for me. I like listen in my car, when I go to work. I remember, I bought CD maybe 10 years ago for a Christmas with Christmas songs. They are very beautiful.

Yes, I can. If I'm traveling

Yes, I can. If I'm traveling I use Google maps and I can talk to with my children everywhere on Messenger. I like it. I don't have to use my laptop all the time.

Yes, I can. I think I lived

Yes, I can. I think I lived for many years without a mobile phone. And I was without it. There wasn't anything wrong. Of course, I already got used to it, I usually use it, too, and I would miss it if it weren't. But my opinion is, after all, I can live without my phone.

Unfortunatelly, I can't live

Unfortunatelly, I can't live with out my phone because i need it for my work.
Novadays I don't bought CD, I don't use that.

Napi kérdés

When I was a young woman, weren't CDs yet. Back then we were usually listening to a tape recorder. I bought the first CD player about ten years ago, and then I also listened to a CD, first. I don't remember its address anymore. Nowadays I didn't buy a CD, I bought many years ago the last one.

Tegnapi kérdés

I prefer to eat vegetables and fruits. I like also meat, but only chicken, fish, and turkey. I don't like pork so much. This I eat very rarely. But I usually eat vegetables and fish. I like the green bean pottage too.


"bought", 1 t-vel.Elnézést !

Napi kérdés aug.16.

In the past, since 20 years ago I began to make my own CD collection. I boughtt a lot of CD-s at Metro shop. Later I gave an order to Kossuth Publishing Office for a CD serial of symphonical music ,another serial of DVD-s with beasts of prey (the latter for my grandchildren ) ,so at present I have an important collection of CD-s and DVD-s.At the same time I got a very good CD and DVD player as a gift from my daughter. Sometimes, if I find something which interests me, I buy them by internet from Lemezkuckó or from other Cd-shops. My last purchase was about a year ago.

I don't remember. I use many

I don't remember. I used many Cd for my work. We often listened to the voices of animals, the sound of nature and the songs Kaláka band and Halász Judit. We often listened Smetana, Vivaldi and Saint Saens CDs.

I don't remember exactly. I

I don't remember exactly. I was 16 or 17 years old and I liked Edith Piaf and once I saw a CD in drogerie markt and I bought it.

Napi angol

I bought CD long-long time ago. I don't remember when.

napi angol

I love to eat, so I love every food. I like bread with fat,butter,and purple onion, pepper.tomato. I love soup, stew, crumbled meat ,salad, fish.vegetables, fruit. My favorite the cherry. And the cake, cookie. My favorite the Tiramisu. I make it well.

I learn 3 hours english a day

I learn 3 hours english a day