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Napi kérdés

No, I don't like spicy food. I like cooking for my family, for my friends. They like spicy food. I like easy food.

I like to experiment with

I like to experiment with spices in the kitchen. I try to get more creative. But I don't enjoy too spicy food because my husband has reflux disease. When I feel burning in my mouth I always drink a lot. I've tried many foreign dishes from chili sauce to wasabi, but I prefer Hungarian dishes. Hungarian food is not only too spicy but quite fatty, too. I try to make them with less pepper and fat.

No I don't like spicy food.

No I don't like spicy food.

Napi angol

Well, when I was yang I ate very hot pepper. I loved the spicy food.
Now I can't eat too spicy food, only less spicy. My stomach is sensitive.


Kedves Noémi, a válaszom elkűldése után pár órával újra átolvastam és az az érzésem, hogy a "don't pay nothing" helytelen , valahogy dupla tagadásnak tűnik a magyar szövegem tükörfordítása, amit az angolban nem így használnak. . Netán a "pay nothing " lenne helyes ? Kösz a válaszod.

Napi kérdés jun.18.

When I eat out , I don't pay nothing, because I am invitated by my daughter and her husband.
Sometimes I go to confectionery with my friends,there we pay alternatively, but we don't consume very much, so we pay about two-three thousand Huf.

We usually pay six thousand

We usually pay six thousand forints in the restaurant.

Napi kérdésre válasz.

I usually pay five thousand in the restaurant.

Napi kérdés

I usually pay about one thousand six hundred - two thousand forints when I eat out.

I like western food but i

I like western food but i like to taste new dishes.

Napi kérdés jun.17.

I like especially the Western type food. From the Asian type I like the sweet-sour and the hot tastes.I never tried seafood, because I have an aversion for them.

napi kerdes

I like every food. I like Hungarian food, because Iam a hungaryan women . I love to eat, I love chinese food, my favorite: sezame checken and hot and sour soup. but I think there are many food what I never taste it.

Napi kérdés

I like to eat both type, Western and Asian food.

I like both Western and Asian

I like both Western and Asian food. In Budapest there're lots of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese restaurants where you can try Asian cuisine. Besides, in the supermarkets you can buy more and more main ingredients in Asian cooking. I'm interested in learning more about cooking Asian cuisine so I often try easy Asian recipes at home. I usually make Fish balls, Chicken curry and Fried rice at home. Asian food uses opposing flavours in dishes, like mixing salty with sweet and sour together.
I enjoy to eat in restaurants where they serve traditional Japanese food. The traditional cuisine of Japan is based on rise with miso soup and other dishes. Seafood is common often grilled but also served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Japanese food is usually light to the stomach. I think it's healthier than Chinese food. But I like Chinese food, too. My favorite is "Spring roll". Spring rolls are a traditional Chinese New Year Food.
When we speak of Western cuisine, dishes such as bread, potatoes and pasta come to mind. Western dishes often focus on a particular type of flavour like savoury, sour or sweet. I prefer easy, healthy food like salade with fish, vegetable sauce, grilled vegetables with grilled chicken. But I'm willing to try traditional national dishes, too. Tabbouleh is a lemony fresh herb salad with cracked wheat. It comes from Arabic countries, but today it's very popular in European countries.
For each cuisine there are a multitude of varying dishes as this world is so diverse. Different cultures have different ways of eating, cooking and serving food. For me it's important to stay open to learning about different cultures, different cuisines. It benefits me.

Napi kerdes

I don't visit in the restaurant. I was a few time with my husband and my friend, but now i don't have enybody whu wants come with me.

Napi kérdés jun.14.

As I wrote in my previous composition, I and my family don't eat often out.If somebody in our family has his (or her ) birthday, or we have to commemorate any occurences, we go to Trofea restaurant (we live in Budapest) with our relatives and our guests. We like this restaurant, because the menu is varied and the quantity is unlimited.

We often eat in the "Zöld

We often eat in the "Zöld Elefánt" restaurant with family end relatives. This is a tradicional Hugarian restaurant. My nephew worked as a cook here.We love Italian and Chinese dishes. We often go to the "Lucullus" restaurant to eat.

Sometimes we eat in a

Sometimes we eat in a restaurant with my family, because restaurants offer a more comfortable environment to eat. There are more and more restaurants where we go to often. You can also find great variety of international restaurants in Budapest.
I like Greek, Italian, Japanese and Hungarian cuisine. Traditional Hungarian dishes are based on onion, red pepper, meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, dairy products. A foreigner might find Hungarian cuisine a little strange because there's red pepper in almost every dish which makes it hot. Hungarian food is not only spicy but quite fatty, too. Hungarians often fry meat and cheese in breadcrumbs and eat a lot of pickles. The most popular national dishes are fish soup, chicken soup, goulash, stuffed cabbage and all kinds of stews. I like Hungarian dishes, but I never fry meat in breadcrumbs.
I prefer restaurants which are family-friendly, informal and lively. I prefer places which has a terrace where it is pleasant to eat when the weather is good.
I don't like fast food restaurants because you have to stand in a queue and the food is unhealthy. It is relatively expensive however many people visit them. They don't have time to eat and it is the quickest way to have a warm meal. Sometimes I take my children to a fast food restaurant because they like to eat there. They can choose "Happy Meal" with a surprise gift.

Napi kérdés jun.14.

As I wrote in my previous composition, I and my family don't eat often out.If someone of us has birthday,we go to different restaurants.


I rarely go to a restaurant .I like Chinese food .There is a Chinese restaurant near, but there is also a Hungarian self-service restaurant,where the food is very delicious.

Napi kérdés

We don't often to eat in the restaurant. When we celebrate birthdays, we go to the restaurant (fishermen's inn), it is our birthday present. My son and I eat fish-soup, my boyfriend and my grandson eat oder dinner , they don't like fish.

On weekdays I cook dinner for

On weekdays I cook dinner for my family and I cook lunch every Sunday. But at weekends we sometimes decide to eat in a restaurant. We eat in a restaurant every other weekend. I like Italian, Greek, Japanese cuisine, but I like the Hungarian dishes the best. There is a little restaurant near my house. They serve real Hungarian food at affordable prices. It's not an elegant restaurant where the guests are expected to dress up. I prefer restaurants which are family-friendly, informal and lively. I hate impolite and slow service.They are popular because of their recipes like the recipe for Marinated fillet of carp from River Danube. I like all kind of fish. Main courses are generous with vegetables and side dishes. It's popular among foreign and local tourists and families with little children.

I rarely eat out. I have got

I rarely eat out. I have got many time to prepare meal. My friends invited me out last week.
I hopped it is a good chans for me to eat a bean goulash. In my family nobody likes bean, so
I don't cook with bean.


I like have dinner in a restaurant because the atmosphare
is other kind of there. More guests have eating the ordered set meal and whisper (talk) The music band are playing populairs nummers of songs, who all makes the atmosphere better now. I not habit the special food to order but the good
vine I liked very. One glas of vintage red or white vine and a piece of cake are that enough. When it is all OK to waiter
I give some baksheesh to him.


I do not often to eat in the restaurant. If somebody's birstday or with family togeder at the holiday.

I eat rarely out because I

I eat rarely out because I cook every day. When we celebrite something we go to the restautant.

Napi kérdés jun.8.

My family eats at home usually. I cook for us, because I have time for it only.Rarely my daughter or I buy chicken wings -my granddaughters' favourite meal.Sometimes I make this at home too. They like pizza as well. I can make it very well (I think so ) but the girls are very fussy about food, and they prefer pizza made by others, so my older granddaughter orders it by phone.
We go to confectionery (cukrászda?) often for eating ice-cream.
When someone of us have his birthday, we go to restaurant, all of us.


We rarely eat in a restaurant . Usually one of the family members' birt or name day .We are then many and our apartment is small .And we are not tired of the many work.

We eat out, when we celebret

We eat out, when we celebret with family and frainds.

On weekdays my family usually

On weekdays my family usually has dinner together. This is when we discuss the day's happenings and make plans. My husband usually arrives home at 6 o'clock. He has a bath then we has dinner. Sometimes my children go out with their friends at the weekend. In this case my children have dinner earlier. Sometimes my children fall asleep by the time I arrive home. I never have dinner after 8 pm.


I go to Zsuzsa Kossuth colleg, and I bring diner at home. It is cheap and good..I am pensioner. My wife is accuntant and she work at home.We aren't rich I have twoo boys,they are big, either eat often to home.We don't go out in restaurant.
With greating: Péter

Napi kérdés jun.6.

Usually my family doesn't have dinner together. On weekdays my daughter comes home late enough (after 8 p.m.), because her job needs that. At that time another members of my family are being at home, and eat,when are hungry. I have the dinner early because it is healthy and because of my TV program.
In the weekends every member of my family have the meals together.


No,we rarely have dinner together. We usually have lunch on holidays.

No, I don't. Sometimes we

No, I don't. Sometimes we have dinner together with my husband. He has dinner late but I'm at 6 o' clock. When our children were at home we had dinner together.

Yes, we do. I always eat with

Yes, we do. I always eat with my boyfriend. In my childhood we didn't eat togethet bacause my father arrived home late.

napi kérdés

We usually have dinner together at seven o'clock. Because was raining a lot in the latest time, my vegetables grew to much. So we eat every night salad .My salad content lettuce,
violet onion, tomato, red pepper, cheese, ham, olive oil, lemon juice, dill and certenly salt.

Együtt vacsorázik a család?

Yes, it is . We have dinner with my husband at p.m. seven .

Együtt vacsorázik a család?

Yes, it is . We have dinner with my husband at p.m. seven .

napi kerdes 2019.jun.04

I was staying with my parents till my marriage.
Afterwards my husband and I had decidied to moving at a smaller city to his hometown where the livelihood was eaisier while in time we had nothing as married couple. We was living 20 years there. During at time was born my son, we had bought a flat , till my son started study on high school
for electrical engineering in Hungary After he had finished the high school,he married and now they are living with my dear grandchild far for us. Who is 13 years old.

Do you stay with your parents?

No, I don't. I live with my family.

Napi kérdés jun.4.

At present I stay with my daughter and her family.
At past,when I married, my husband's parents had a house big enough for two families, so we stayed there. We had two children.My father in law died soon,when my children were little.My mother in law was a very good woman we got on well together.She cooked for all of us.Our children grewn up, and went to university. My daughter married at 21 years and she moved from us.Then my husband died unexpectadly in an accident.It was very grief for all of us ! My son married,and moved from parental house.So I remained with my mother in law and looked after her till she lived.She died at 94 years.
Then I remained alone in that big house.Because I was ill (my heart was operated ), it could be dangerous for me to stay alone.So we decided for me to move to my daughter and her family.My son renovated the parental house and moved there.

A szüleiddel laksz?

No, I don't. My parents died. My father died twentyyears ago and my mother died Two years ago. I live with my husband.

Napi kérdés

No,I don't.My parents died.My father died when I was child.When my mother retired she moved to us.We lived together with her death.My daughters don't live with us.They live with their family in Budapest and Canada.

No, I don't. I left my home

No, I don't. I left my home whwen I was 18 years old. Now I live with my husband in our family house. Our children don't live with us. They live abraod.

No, I don't. I left home when

No, I don't. I left home when I was 23 years old. After I had finished my studies at the college I started to work in a hospital. So I could move into a little flat. Now I live with my family-my husband and the children. My parents live close to us. My mother helps me look after the kids. My children love their grandparents very much. They often play together. They often write their homework together. My father helps me with doing the gardening. He teaches me everything about gardening and flowers.

No, I don't. I moved when I

No, I don't. I moved when I was 19 years old.

napi kérdés

Yes, I do. My parents are old. My father is 81 years old, my mother is 71 years old.
I haven't got family. I have got 3 nephews. They are my children. I very love them.

Do you stay...

No, my father lives about 30 miles from us. My mother died about 34 years ago.
We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. They live abroad. We see them not a lot.
Usually just on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

napi kérdés

My parents died. I live alone in my family house My children have a family and they live separately Kedves Noémi! Kérdésem van: A gyerekeimnek van családjuk. A többesszám -gyermekeim- és az egyes szám -a- itt helyes,? A forditón ellenőriztem magam és igy dobta ki.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I'm. I have a sister. She is 52 years old. My sister's name is Gabriella. She is hairdresser. She every month make my hair. She has two children, Bianka and Ágnes. We are wery good sisters.