LEGÚJABB KÉRDÉS (2020. június 24.): 


Where do you read books?

Válaszolj a hozzászólásba, amilyen bőven csak tudsz. Az sem baj, ha egy két szavas, mert ahogy haladsz előre, egyre több mindent fogsz tudni válaszolni!


Írd be a hozzászólást, majd kattints az ELŐNÉZET gombra, és ha elégedett vagy, akkor MENTÉS.

Napi kérdés fogalmazásaid elolvasom, de nem javítom, ha valamit nem értek, szólok. Ha tanulod a nyelvet, ki fognak kopni a hibák:)

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További információ a formázási lehetőségekről


Napi kérdés

No, I wasn't naughty as a child. I was always a good small girl. I was a little sensitive, (I have still sensitive), I cried many times (and I still cry often), but I was always obedient. I always obeyed the law, and I did what my parents and my teachers told me.

I cook every day. I like the

I cook every day. I like the trditional food, but I also like to taste other peaple's food. We have got a big garden, where we grow a variety of vegetables. We have a lot of vegetables, but my husband likes the meat. I often cook Italian, Chainese food. I really like salads. We never eat fast food.

Napi kérdés

No, I wasn't naughty as a child. I was always a good small girl. I was a little sensitive, (I have still sensitive), I cried many times (and I still cry often), but I was always obedient. I always obeyed the law, and I did what my parents and my teachers told me.

I have two tosts, butter,

I have two tosts, butter, cheese, salami, tomato, cucamber for breakfast. Sometimes I have scrambled eggs or boiled egg with braun bred. I drink tea for breakfast. I never drink coffee for breakfast. In my garden are there lots of vegetables. They are fresh and healthy. I alvays have breakfast because it's healthy.

Napi kérdés szept.22.

I have heard and read the big breakfast influences positive our health. However I can't keep this advice. When I worked, I had to leave my home very early in the morning, so I had not time for eating. Then I had the breakfast in my office. Usually I eated sandwich.
After I became pensioner ,I don't feel good after a big breakfast because of this habit of many years . Now I have daily for breakfast a slice of bread with butter and jam, and a yoghurt.

Napi kérdés

I love vegetables a lot. I love fish, and chicken, and from these made meals. My favorite fried fish with vegetable. Especially I love filleted fish, which have no fishbone. I often cook vegetable soups and cream soups, and vegetable dishes. I like cottage cheese pancakes, too. I regularly cook, and we like to eat a lot, especially delicious meals.

Tegnapi kérdés

I usually eat a slice of toast with butter, cheese, and ham. Sometimes I eat a tomato or green onion, and I drink a glass of lemongrass tea. Then I once- twice, I eat a scrambled egg from two eggs, with bread, and I drink a glass of cacao. Many times I also eat fruits, and sometimes I eat cereal with milk. I think breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are who, don't have breakfast. My opinion, it is not good, because the body's needs nutrition, so that it can work, and we be healthy.

Napi kérdés szept. 21.

Sometimes, when I'm alone and haven't anything to do, or in evenings, when I can't asleep, I remember with nostalgia my youth, when my family (my husband and our children) was together. It's true,our life has any difficult periods, but we were young, healthy and we could enjoy to each other.
After my husband died too early, our children grown up and founded their families, so my family scattered, and my life changed too.
In this situation I like very much to recall my memories, those help me to withstand the difficulties of the present.

I didn't hate school. When I

I didn't hate school. When I was 5 or 6 years old I asked my mother to tell stories about school. So I was so excited and I was very happy when the school began.

Napi kérdés

I never hated school. I always loved to learn and to go to school. I loved my teachers and my classmates. It was always so, in the elementary school, and in high school too. After the holiday I had already waited, I can go to the school, I waited I can study again. It was good to see the others again.

I was fourteen years old when

I was fourteen years old when I heted the school. In my school was a theacher who was very stringent. We talked in class, so he hit us with a ruler. I didn't want to go to school for long time. He was a librarien in my village, so I didn't go there. I realy liked read, so I asked my friends for books. I was very hart.

Napi kérdés szept.20

As I told in one of my older stories, my uncle and my aunt (who brought up me in that time ) had taught me to read and to write before my first class. So, when I became a schoolgirl I was bored a lot, I was inattentive disturbing the lessons. Then I didn't like the school.
Later the situation changed, I liked to learn and progressed well towards my studies.

Napi kérdés

I enjoyed most when I was about ten-twelve years. I was a good small girl, and my teachers loved me. I had many friends, I loved to learn, and we played a lot. Life was very nice to me.

Napi kérdés

I enjoyed most when I was about ten-twelve years. I was a good small girl, and my teachers loved me. I had many friends, I loved to learn, and we played a lot. Life was very nice to me.

Napi kérdés szept.18.

My first four classes I attended in a rural school.At fifth class I moved to a big town, in a big school, that made a big test for me :new environment, new people arond me,new school-subjects, new teachers...All of these were unusual and hard a little for me, but it was successful. I liked that period. I attended at that school for eight years, until the graduation. I found new fellows, I have made long friendships so I'm still in contact with many of them.

When I vent to college in

When I vent to college in Sopron. I loved it very much. I was yang and I can know a lot of new things. These are beautiful memorise of the years. I enjoyed them the most.

I eat a lot of vegetables and

I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I eat less meat. I prefer chicken, turkey and fish. I don't eat milk because I have a lactose sensitivity. I walk every day and I go to gym every Wednesday. I don't eat fast food. Wath we grow in the garden we eat that.

Napi kérdés szept.17.

Everyone interested in this topic can find what the secret to healthy lifestyle is.
BUT unfortunately few people apply them. Most people realize their importance when appears any desease. And then we begin to eat healthy food : a little fat,chicken, turky meat or fish,little salt, many vegetables , fruits and water. It isn't easy to comply all of these.
However is very important to move our articulations.
After my spine got sick and had a little operation, I bought a DVD with spine-gymnastics and I try at least 2 days to exercise for 30 minutes.

I try to eat some vegetable

I try to eat some vegetable and fruit every day and eat less sugar than earlier.

napi angol.

The healthy food is fish, vegetables, fruits. And need more exercise then you are healthy. Well I eat fish, I like it and the vegetables too. But I eat meat too and chocolates ,cakes . I try eat not too much. And I rerly take exsercises and I walk almost every day. I'm not yang so it's not easy, when I was yang it was easier. And I'm little leasy too.

Whwn did you get your first phone?

Well, in 1980 years only a few people had a phone ,home phone. I was very happy when we got a home phone because if we needed a doctor we can to call him,her outside and the outside phone more times was broken. I got my first cellphone when I was 39 years old. Then I bought my smart phone when I was 51 years old. Today the children born with the smartphone and car.

Napi kérdés

I usually eat chicken meat and fish with vegetables. I very like vegetable cream soups, I often cook them. I eat celery cream soup the most time. I like rice, and potato, too, I think if I eat in moderation it is also healthy. We regularly eat for breakfast and dinner whole wheat bread, with butter, ham, cheese, and tomato and we drink a glass of the lemon-grass tea. My opinion is my body needs these foods, too, to be healthy

Napi kérdés 09.16

The first phone I did buy thirteen years ago. Before it, I didn't have a mobile phone. We had a landline phone home, and I had a one in my workplace and I could speak on the phone if needed it. I didn't know what is the mobile phone, either. Of course, it is very good I have now a mobile phone, but I am not a phone addict.

I got my first phone from my

I got my first phone from my husband 30 years ago. I have been using this phone for 27 years. Three years ago my son bought me a new phone. I like it because I can use for many things.

I got my first phone when I

I got my first phone when I was 15 years old.

My favourite things around my are my books.

Napi kérdés szept.16.

15 years ago I got my daughter's cell phone because she bought for her another one.I used this first phone for 2-3 years, when I got other one ( which could make photos too), as a gift from my son.
Later, I learned how to use a computer, I bought one for myself and since then I bought two phones more and more smart.
My current device has so many applications ,that besides it's own functions it could replace my computer's too. My phone is very important for my safety, so I don't make out a step without it.

Napi kérdés szept. 14.

15 years ago when I had to move to my daughter's family, they had given me a room and was necessary to furnish it according to my needs and tastes. So I had bought furniture I really liked.
I had brought from my previous house some nice things, my books and memories.
Now I have around me some nice portraits on the wall from my most loved members of my family : my husband ( died unfortunately many years ago ) and my grandchildren together ( they are four ).
These things make me feel really at home.
Another thing very important too is my computer. It helps me to keep connection with my friends and relatives, to learn English and to look for every thing I consider important.
Three days ago my computer got bad.Now I'm writting this essay on my telephone, and just I'm understanding, this thing is as important as my computer ( but the computer is more confortable than the phone ).

Kedves Noémi, lehet h. kétszer jelenik meg ez az iromány, mert az előzőt elszerencsétlenkedtem ezen az apróbetűs telefonon és elfelejtettem bejelentkezni.Elnézést !

Napi kėrdės szept.14.

15 years ago,when I had move to my daughter's family, they had given me a room and iwas necessary to furnish it according to my needs and tastes.So I had bought furniture that I really liked.
I had brought from my previous house some nice things,my books and my memories.Now I have around me on the wall some nice portraits of my family members: my husband ( unfortunately he died many years ago ), and my grandchildren ( they are four).
Between my favourite things, what make me to feel really at home is my computer too, which helps me to keep connection with my friends and relatives,but to obtain many informations too about things, which interest me.
Three days ago my computer went bad, so I understood,it's my most important thing around me.Now I'm writing this essay on my telephone, which is as important as my computer.

There are very many favorite

There are very many favorite things around me, but the most favorite thing for me my small tablet. I believe in God, so I read the Bible every morning in this, I do yoga about this, I learn English here every day, and I usually take photos with this, if I go hiking.
So this is an important thing for me a lot, and I love it so much.

There are some favourite

There are some favourite tings around me, for example my book- The Secret,
a notebook computer, some color pencils. Of course the most important the coffee maker.

what business would you start?

Witch I can help the people. To teach the people the English language slowly, more more through repetition.

I don't start the business.

I don't start the business.

I don't want to start a

I don't want to start a business. I have a job and after worktime I like to do something different. For example: go to the health club or read a good book.
I think that I enjoy my life in this way.

I don't want to start any

I don't want to start any business. Primarily because I am already a retired, secondly, I'm not fit for this. I'm always worried, about everything.
I'm not so well as brave. If I had a business, I'd always be nervous. So I never wanted to start a business.

I don't want to start a

I don't want to start a business because I'm a retired. I want to learn, to travel, to stady , to go to cinema or to the tather, to talk a lot with people, to eat deliciouse food.

Yes, we have a dog. It' s

Yes, we have a dog. It' s sixteen years old. Its name's Steve. We always lived with animals since mouving to a garden house. In our house lived animal: fish, parrot, hamster, rabbit and dogs. We liked these animals very much. Our children have learned how to care for animals.

Well....this is an

Well....this is an interesting and good question.
I have some dreams. I like to help for everybody.
I have learnt massage and I got deeksha beavatást, it can be usefull together alkalmazva.
I know seams crazy idea for a lot of people.
I have to improve my English maybe later I will try it.

Tegnapi kérdés

No, I haven't , but my sister has two dogs, their name are Ropi and Beni, and one black cat. Cat's name is Nivea. I like play with them.

Yes, I do. I have two guines

Yes, I do. I have two guines pigs. They are brothers and 4 years old. They live with us in the house.

Napi kérdés szept.10.

I'm old, I'm a pensioner, so I don't need any business. All I need is health.

Napi kérdés szept.8.

Many years ago, when our family was altogether and we lived in a house with garden, I had have a little dog.It was black with a white tie on it's fur. It's name was Flea, because it was black, little and jumped a lot.I really liked it.
After I moved to my daughter's family, my daughter in law didn't want to keep it, so I gave my little dog to my girlfriend.
Now, my youngest granddaughter has a little rabbit.It lives in a cage in the house, and it's owner takes care of it.

Napi kérdés szept.6.

Because I have a considerable age ,it can be understood, I had have a lot of bad days along my life. Many times I have resurrected myself from difficult situations. Thinking through all of these, I remember a tragic event: when I was ill, going to a diificult heart-operation ,my husband died suddenly in an accident. That was the worst and the saddest day of my life.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I have. I have two cats. They are fifteen years old, so they have been living with us for a long time. We love them a lot. One cat is black, and the other one is grey. They are members of the family. Our cats are very clean, so sometimes they into go to our bed. I know many people don't like it, but we don't mind it. They are our small favorite pets.

napi angol

We live an appartman building the fourst floor. In the house some people has dog or cat. We doesn't have dog or cat but we have mouse. It's not pay rent or bills just we have. We try to kill but it very smart. Sometime we can see it but at night I hear when run or eat something. I'm not too happy about it.

napi angol

Yes. On Saturday szeptember 7. It was the day befote yesterday. My grandson was too active. Ran in the apartment, screamed, jumped so it was terrible. I have decided we are going to somewere. We went dawn from the third floor. Miksa ran away to the street .I'm not joung, I can't to run fast. Miksa run very fast. Too much people was in the street and I couldn't see Miksa. I was scared. I ran after child, but he wasn't nowhere. I cried I was angry. What can I do now? Where is he? Then I saw him in the street he ran in the backyard. I caught him. I told : You never do this with me, don't run awaay for me. It dangerous. Just laughed. He didn't understend nothing, his an autism child. So it was a good day?

Have you ever had a bad job?

I was 20 years old I finised high school and I looked for a job. I didn't know what I would like to do. So I went a factory where made men's shirts ,under wear,pajamas ect. My sister worked there. I worked there about 3 years. I hated my job. Every day I wished disappear the factory when I need to start the job. My job was boring, I didn't like my colleauges and my job. The factory was far, I needed get up to early, 5 o'clock am in the morning .I was happy when I went home. It was a very hard work I always was very tired. My heart ill. I coudn't work more. I stay home 5 years.I was very happy I fineshed this job.

Yes, I think I had some

Yes, I think I had some really bad days, formerly. But not nowadays. Last time, perhaps when it was I worked. Since my retirement, I have enough good days. I am not nervous, and I have patience. I like to be home with my family, I like to do what I want. Sometimes, when the weather isn't so good, or the weather fronts are coming, I'm feeling worse, but my day is not bad. I make a glass of lemongrass tea, I read a good book or I only study English and I'm already feeling better.

Napi kérdés

No, I haven't bad job. I working in the little

Tegnapi kérdés

Yes, only once. I turned with my car, where couldn't turn around . I paid 2000 Ft.

Napi kérdés szept.2.

When I decided to become chemical engineer,I didn't know really how manysided (mennyire sokoldalu) this profession was.After two years of study only we were separated into three sections :the inorganic, organic and building materials.Then I chose the first.
After the finishing of their studies, the graduates were sent by the representative comission of Ministry of Education to different places of work. I was sent to an electrical insulators making factory from ceramics, which needs studies of building materials' section.( In those times of communism there were happened many bad measures in all of domains...).So it was necessary for me to complete my knowledges with new knows.It was hard a little...
Later I accustomed to my job, and I loved it. I had good collaborators, (almost all of them). There were periods of time with a lot of satisfactions,mainly when was successful. the export of our products
Now, as a retired I like to remember that period, when I worked and still I have contacts with my old colleagues.