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Napi kérdés jul.12.

Usually I go in vacation by car with my family together. We have a little cottage in the West Mountains of Transylvania. When I'm going to make my luggage, I try to pack the most necessary things I need in that period.Our family consists of 5 members: my daughter, my son in law,my two granddaughters ( 13 and 15 years aged ), and me. We all pack the things we need for our dresses ,for our feeding and for our entertainment, such as play games and books.Everyone can pack the least ,to fit in the car. I plan before what kind of books I want to read there, and if I haven't them, I rent them from the library. At that beautiful place the young men walk a lot in the wood, picking up forest-fruits ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries ) and mushrooms.We all know very well the edible mushrooms.I can walk little because my feet hurt ,so I cook for us and after the lunch I read a lot ( some hours...) In the evenings we play games. Sometimes we make camp-fire.

Yes, I do. I always bring a

Yes, I do. I always bring a lot of books with me when I travel. When we go on holiday we usually travel by car. Our car has a big boot, so there is a big place for our luggages. I like reading very much, so I pack my suitcase full of books. I always take care of my books because they’re expensive. I wrap them into paper and I line them up along the bottom of my suitcase. When I travel with my family I always bring with me some guidebooks. They include information about sights, accomodation, restaurants, transportation, and activities. They’re very useful. I also have a language book with me in case we have to ask for directions. Many people speak English in the world but not everybody. I never forget to bring with me one of my favourite novels. If I’m on holiday I often read before I go to bed. Reading can help me sleep. My children pack their suitcases with story books and children’s books. If we visit a castle, museum or other interesting places, I ususally buy a book about it. Fortunately in my study there is a big bookcase where there is a place for every book.

napi angol

Yes, When I travel I always have book with me.

napi angol

I read very fast. If I start read a book, I don't take dawn still I will not finish. I eat, drink and I read. Max 3 day , and I finish the book. The book is several hundred pages.

I have lots of favourite

I have lots of favourite books I have read. But I don't like question "what is your favourite..., what is the most interesting book...", because my body, brain and mind live and change over time and what I thought a fascinating book in high school will have become boring now, that I'm 40. So, it's a difficult question.:-) In my childhood my parents often told me interesting stories,read bedtime stories as often as possible. My favourite children's authors were István Csukás and Ervin Lázár. My mother bought me a lot of books with big letters and lots of pictures after I had learned reading. My parents wanted to instill in me a lifelong love of reading. They succeeded: I love reading very much.The books are very important things in my life. In the school-age I began visiting the library regularly. In high school I spent a lot of time reading books. I have a few particular book series that I keep going back to and finding them still enjoyable and entertaining. One such series is J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series about some children wizards who enter combat against the darkest wizard of all time. My children also like these books and movies.

Napi kérdés jul.10.

Finishing a book depends of it's theme, of the style of the author and not at least of my dispozition and my free time.If I find a book really I like, I'll try to read it without a break ( about 100 -150 pages a day ) But if I began a difficult or less interesting one, I have ambition to contunue and to finish it, but slower.

Napi kérdės jul.9.

I enjoyed a lot of books during my life. It's interesting, that what I liked much many years ago,if I read it again, I don't have the same opinion. I have many favourote writers ,most of them Hungarians ( Tamási Áron, Wass Albert , Bánffy Miklôs...)From the foreign writers I prefer Erik Maria Remark, Thomas Mann... About 6 years ago in my holiday I was reading with pleasure two interesting books by Dan Brown : the Da Vinci Code and the Angels and Demons. My last revelation I have found accidentally by an announcement : the novel's cycle of Jean Marie Auel having the title The Earth's Children. There are 9 big books ( each of them about 600-700 pages).Their title were : The Clan of the Care Bear, The Land of Painted Caves, The Mammut Hunters, The Valley of Horses,The Plains of Passage, The Shetters of Stone ). These books are discussing the pre-historical times,in the stone age ,before the discovery of the fire and of the metals. The people of those times were primitive, they hadn't a straight vertical posture of their bodies, so they couldn't talk properly.They were dealing with hunting, Their life is shown very interesting. The volome were appearing one after the other, and I hardly waited the next. After I had read ,I sent it to my son, who was interested for this topic, too... Excuse me please for this long story .

I read every day. I love the

I read every day. I love the books because I can get to know new things with them. I like biographical, historical end travel books. I am happy to read stories of Hungarien end forign peoples. I read a poem every day. We have lot of books but I'm going to the library every month.

Napi kérdės jul.8.

I read books usually at home, setting in my room in armchair or lying in my bed.When I'm travelling in my town or I'm expecting any medical consult ,I'm reading any magazine.In the time of a long travel, I read my actually book, if isn't too great, or I make any crosswords.

napi angol

Well, I don't know. When I was child I read every day. Later I was merried, and I couldn't read to much. I read a lot of books, so I don't remember.

Where do you read books?

I read books at home in my bed.

What’s the most important book you’ve ever read?

The most important book that I’ve ever read was “The Lord of the rings” in my life. I loved every parts of these 3 books. It has an epic story of fighting good with bad, great, archetypic characters and even a love story too. This is an absolutely must read book.

Where do you read books?

I read books every where I can. I read books on the train, on metro, at home in my favourite armchair, in the bed and sometimes even in the toilet:)

Were do you read books?

I read books home, on the subway, in the bed, in the kichen. In the school, in the library, on the bus, in the car so everywere.

What can you learn from books?

I can lean from the books a lot of things. I can learn how live the people long time ago, what they do, what kind of dress they are wear. How they speak. How was they live. I can learn history, science, discovery and more.

Napi kérdés jul.7.

The books are very important things in our life.In the school-age the books help us to learn the basic knowledges: reading, writting, counting, later the books learn us about our World and the Universe, about different phenomenons and their causes. There are many-many things what are necessary to be knew by men,and these are found in the books. In our modern age there are different sources to obtain knowledges , but all of these are based on books. The men are obligated to learn during of all their life, because alwais are appearing new things, what are necessary to be known by a modern man. At the same time, the books also make entertainment for the reader... Unfortunately many of today's young people don't like reading,and prefer other kinds of entertainment.

favourite type of book

My favourite books are historical events. I still love war memoirs. Also I love books that are based on events. But my pillow book is: Passenger and Moonlight. This book is all about ourselves, about a child in us. Who never wants to grow up, but speaks about the marriage, responsibility and rules of life. This book has a speciel place in my life, but I think it's a must-have book for every book-friend.


I always read books, this is everyday action. I read before go to bed but on travel subway or on bus, too. If I don't read I'd analphabetic.

Napi kérdés jul.4.

After I became a pensioner, I have more free time for myself, I can do a lot of activities which make me glad.The reading is one of theese.Actually I prefer the histirical books ,as well as the romantics.I like the Hungarian and the foreign writers as well. If I start reading a book,I usually finish it even I don't like it very much. But there are books, which I can't put down of my hands until I finish them.
Last month I finished Mathias Rex by Harsányi Zsolt ( approximately 700 pages! ). It was difficult enough ,but I finished it in two months. Now I'm reading The Last Witch of Wien by Fabian Janka.This is most interesting, it can be read so easy.

My favourite book type is

My favourite book type is river novel.

Napi kérdés jul.3.

My aunt had learned me to read and to write in large letters before my first elementary class, so I was able to write some sentences to my mother, who was very sick and had lived very far from my aunt's town. As a result of this, my first class was boring enough for me.Then was following a period ,when I haven't liked reading, really I hated it. Fortunately it hadn't taken long, and I started to read again. At first I was prefering the short stories for children ( for example by Benedek Elek, Posa Lajos...)Later I was reading the junior literature. My favourite books in that period were Gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe and the Tarzan's novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
When I had grown, I had begun reading the classical literature ,by Hungarian and foreign writers.
I like reading after I went to bed, because it calms me and helps me to asleep.

elobbi kerdes

I drink not often alcohol, but some occasion , greatly.When anybody of my friends celebrate the birthday .When in my family anyone had made the successful graduation on uni-versity I get congratulation him or her happilly and are all drinking a glas of champagne together. In other case I drink only beer.

I like reading books very

I like reading books very much. It makes me happy. I read every day. I often read before I go to bed. Reading can help me sleep. I usually read historical novels, biografical novels, romantic classic novels in Hungarian and short stories in English. They're not just for entertainment, they can also help with learning English. These books help me develop my basic language skill and expand my vocabulary. My favourite book is "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. Now I'm reading one of the best novels of Jojo Moyes, "Me Before You".

I always read a book. I go to

I always read a book. I go to the library every months and borrow some books. The limit is 10 books in my library.

How often do you read books?

I love to read. So if I have a book, I just read and read. I don't listen I don't eat I dont speak anybody.I read often, if I have book. I love Bertrice Small ,Danielle Stell books,and of course Hungarian books too.

Do you drink alcohol when eating out?

When I ate out, Iam not drink alcohol, because my husband drove me, and he didn't drink so me either. This is very doungeros ,the people drink alcohol in the restaurant, then they drive the cars. Lots of people died about enother bad people, whu drink alcohol.

No, I am not.

No, I am not.

Napi kėrdés jul.2.

I don't have to drink alcohol because of my heart desease ,so I don't drink it neither at home, nor out. I like the non alcoholic beer , and after a good dinner I drink a glass of that.

No, I don't. I prefer the

No, I don't. I prefer the still water.

Napi kérdés jun.30

Yes, in Budapest there are lots of fast food restaurants, like McDonalds or KFC.Also there are Greek and Chinese fast food restaurants too.Many people like this kind of food because they don't have to spend time and it's not necessary work to prepare it. But this food isn't so healthy...My granddaughters like hot wings very much.Sometimes I buy it from KFC, sometimes I make it at home.In same situation I get congratulations from the girls.

napi angol

Yes, I try, but I like to eat. When I hungry I don't care the calorie.

Yes, I have. I have an

Yes, I have. I have an Italian friend who lives in Budapest. We got to know each other through friends. He can make really Italian dishes. Besides, there are a lot of Italian restaurants in Budapest where you can try Italian food. We like pizza and lasagne very much. I often make pizza at home. My children always help me with making pizza. My favourite pizza topping is cheese with mushrooms, black olives and a little bacon. My children also like pasta dishes. Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti Carbonare are the most popular pasta dishes outside Italy. I make them every week.


If I understood the question:

No, I'm not. I can eat any amount of meal because it doesn't cause to gain weight.

No, I am not.

No, I am not.

Yes, I have. I like pizza.

Yes, I have. I like pizza.

napi kérdés

Yes, I eat Italian food. I prefer the taste carbonara and the lasagne with spinach.I hate the milanese macaroni. My favourite dessert is the tiramisu. My colleagues adore, what I have been making it.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I have. I like it. I like pizza, spagetti bolognese , salad with olíva and Italian ICE cream is very good.

Italian food

No, I don't, but I would like to try once

Napi kérdés jun.22.

At first I must say, it was very difficult for me understanding this question. After a lot of listening, I understood well ,I hope so...
Well, in my childhood I was a little chubby, which was disagreable for me.I liked very much sweets and cakes. When I began grow,my look interested me more and I began eating more healthy: less sweets and more vegetables and fruits , I played backet-ball too , so I became a medium sized woman, such I was in all my life.
Then I watched on my children's feeding, too.
At present I don't calculate the calories in my eating but I pay attention for my weight. The fat body isn't neither healthy nor nice.Otherwise I have a grave heart-disease, so the normal weight is very important for my condition.
My grandchildren are medium sized too, rather thin than fat. They cultivate some sport, which is very important for all people.

Have you ever tried Italian food.

Of course. I think everybody like pizza. Our family's favorite food. My grand child eat only pizza. I have eaten more italian food. I love Italian food, I love eggplain parmeddiani.

Napi kérdés jun.21.

Yes, I tried and I like it very much.And what is more, my family, especially my granddaughters love it, however they are very fussy about food. If I want to make them happy and I want to be kissed, I cook for them Italian food.I cook spaghetti with tomato souce,using many condiments, as oregano, basil,rosemary... If I haven't green spices, i have in my fridge frozen bazil and rosemary which are better than the dried ones.Usually I cook italian noodles with carbonara or bolognese souce with milled meat.I can make pizza too, a good pizza as I cosider, but the girls prefer pizza made by others, so they order it.

Napi kérdés

Yes, I tried. I like very much the tomato sous, the pasta and the lot of salad. It's the base of the italian food.

Napi kérdés jun.19.

I don't like spicy food. I eat next to meat wasabi sometimes. I like to cook for my family and my friends. I add dishes for them for chili sauce. They like it.

No, I don't. I can't eat

No, I don't. I can't eat spicy food because sickness.

Napi kérdés jun.19.

Yes, I like very much spicy food.I like to use different condiments for cooking, but not excessive. Those make the food very tasty and are healthy by stimulate the digestion.
But last year it was necessary to change my behaviour, because I had a gastric bleeding.It wasn't caused by gastric ulcer ,but by anticoagulant treatment which I need for my heart-desease.It was very difficult to find the reason, why I became very anemic. At last the problem was solved ,but I was frightened, and I'm so at present too.Since this event I'm afraid to eat spicy food.

Napi kérdés

No, I don't like spicy food. I like cooking for my family, for my friends. They like spicy food. I like easy food.

I like to experiment with

I like to experiment with spices in the kitchen. I try to get more creative. But I don't enjoy too spicy food because my husband has reflux disease. When I feel burning in my mouth I always drink a lot. I've tried many foreign dishes from chili sauce to wasabi, but I prefer Hungarian dishes. Hungarian food is not only too spicy but quite fatty, too. I try to make them with less pepper and fat.

No I don't like spicy food.

No I don't like spicy food.

Napi angol

Well, when I was yang I ate very hot pepper. I loved the spicy food.
Now I can't eat too spicy food, only less spicy. My stomach is sensitive.


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