Egészítsd ki a szöveget a megfelelő igével a hallott szöveg alapján.
waitress: Will you lunch?

guest: Yes, but I'm not very hungry. It's too hot outside.

waitress: I what you mean.

guest: I'm not to this kind of weather. I'm that glad everything's airconditioned here.

waiter: Hi, my name's Karl and I'll be you today. Can I you something to ?

guest: Just water, please. With ice.

waiter: Of course. I'll be back in a moment. Would you like to about our house specials?

guest: I I'll just have a salad, bread and a glass of white wine.

waiter: OK. What kind of wine? Our house wine is quite good.

guest: Fine. I'll a glass of that.

waiter: I'll be right back with your wine. Would you like some dessert? We have delicious chocolate cheese cake.

guest: I don't think so. I'm on a diet. Just the check please.